2008 COMDDAP Expo

Check out this year’s COMDDAP Expo in SMX Convention Center this Dec 4-7.

I’ve always had good memories with COMDDAP ‘coz this is where I won a brand new Epson printer a few years back. Pretty good luck, huh?

Besides, it’s FREE admission, so there’s nothing to lose right?

One comment

  1. On behalf of the COMDDAP EXPO MANILA 2008 participants, the Board of Directors and member companies of COMDDAP, thank you for your generous support and certainly hope that you were able to see the 4-day event last week.

    Rest assured that COMDDAP will continue to work on giving the general public these types of quality events to benefit the I.C.T. industry and the general public as a whole.

    Thanks and we look forward to giving you more COMDDAP memories!

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