2014 Pet Blessing and Cat Meow-deling for my Furbabies

Following Yoona’s National TV exposure last week is the entire gang’s first fashion show together at Village Center, Antipolo over the weekend.

We were planning to have Yoona join the fashion show alone but since Ms. Yasmin of Moew Pow Marketing invited all of my four rescues to join the event, it was kind of embarrassing to turn down the offer.

I went to the event complete with entourage since I cannot handle all four cats alone. It was a full-day of events and we reached Antipolo a little too early. I wanted to have all my babies blessed that day so we got there at around 10am. The organizers were setting up the tents and booths when we reached Village Center so we hung out at the second floor to keep our furbabies relaxed.

After the blessing, we had so many hours to kill before the 3pm call time of the meow-dels. We took a side trip at Antipolo church and head back to Village Center for lunch.

Like all other pet events, majority of the attendees were dog owners. I was so busy keeping my cats close as they might feel agitated with the smell and bark of the pups.

The other lovable feline friend present during the event is a beautiful orange tabby named Val–she’s so posh in her own tent. Lovett.

Ms. Berns Leytte made us choose our own cat clothes for the meow-dels from her Doodles Paw Couture Collection. I picked tuxedos for the boys, a sporty green La Salle hoodie from Twinkle, and beautiful purple gown for Yoona.

Here’s the gang while waiting for the fashion show to go on. I went with Ate Flor and Mel, whom I consider as my cats’ ninangs since they take care of my furbabies at home when I am not around. Oh, and Twinkle is inside the pet crate while Star hid inside my bag as they are scared of all the puppy barks they’ve been hearing.

Here’s Pepper, Yoona, Twinkle, and Star during the catwalk:

It was such an exhausting day for everyone and my cats were all knocked out as soon as we reached home. Thank you so much Doodles Paw Couture for letting us keep the cat couture clothes they wore during the fashion show. Being there was such a memorable experience for me and my cats. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you are interested to have your furbabies blessed, you may choose to attend any of the events this Sunday during the celebration of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi:

PS, Thank you so much Ms. Beth, Ms. Yasmin, and Ms. Berns for this amazing opportunity to show off my beautiful furbabies. <3

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    ang cute naman ng mga pets!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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