A Lazy Girl’s Guide in Choosing the Right Waist Trainer

I grew up seeing my mom jump into her one-sized-smaller trousers wearing a girdle so I knew that these things can help you lose up to 3 sizes in the waistline instantly.

But what about this latest fitness fad where girls are wearing these so-called “waist trainers” to gym, which supposedly help them lose weight faster and achieve a smaller waistline?

Well, I wouldn’t want to be the last to know! So I scoured over 20 Instagram stores and got myself two versions of waist trainers to make it easier for you in choosing your own.

Waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using our corset.  Most of the waist trainers or corset available online are made in China. Some, they say, are made in USA, Korea, and Colombia, with price that ranges from Php1,200.00 – Php5,000.00. Waist trainers come also in different materials like lace, spandex, jacquard, and latex. I decided to get latex ones because I wanted to use it while having my core exercises so I can sweat more.

So I ended up buying two latex waist trainers: a 9-boned black one made in China from @pastillalicious for Php1,300.00 (they have 4-boned at Php1,200.00); and a 4-boned blue one made in Colombia from @shoponlinemanila for Php3,995.00.

The Fit

At 25 waistline, @pastillalicious sent me a S-sized waist trainer, while @shoponlinemanila sent me an XS-sized version. Both waist trainers are wearable for me albeit the latter one feels more constricted.

Before purchasing, I have asked both sellers as to whether I can wear any of these waist trainers to sleep, only @pastillalicous gave me the go-signal.

The Bones

The main purpose of the bones is to provide support and help the waist trainer stay in place as you move around wearing them. There are 4-boned, 9-boned, 20-boned, and even 26-boned corsets. But for latex waist trainers, the first two are the only options. I decided to get one of each to feel the difference. For me, even a 4-boned waist trainer is fine as long as the fit of the waist trainer is perfect.

Oh, and make sure to clarify if they are steel-boned. Steel bones retain their original shape and curve over cheaper waist trainers that use plastic bones which may deform in time with regular use.

The Hook

While some people prefer having 3-column hooked waist trainers for a better range of waist cinching, I’m fine with my 2-column hook since the size of this waist trainer is already small to begin with. It gives me the right abdominal compression that I need for daytime. For night time, I sometimes sleep on my China-made waist trainer as it has more space for my torso to feel relaxed even with all the 9 steel-bones around my waist.

I noticed that the one made in Columbia has a bigger and more spaced out hooks. This helps me wear my tight waist trainer easier (and faster because of the fewer number of hooks!) than having a regular-sized hook from China.

The Make

While the one made in Columbia costs more than twice the one made in China, you can notice that you are paying for a more quality-made waist trainer. I noticed extra stitching on the linings and the hook band is made of rubber instead of an ordinary satin covered lining.

This gives me an impression that the one made in Columbia can stand more of the tugging and pulling that the hooks experience whenever I put my waist trainer on and off.

The Verdict

I find great use in both of my waist trainers. I wear the China-made one at night while sleeping since the extra abdominal space gives me the freedom to move around and it doesn’t disrupt my breathing, while I wear the Columbia-made in daytime when I’m up for some serious waist-binding.

While the Columbia-made waist trainers may be too expensive, I think the more affordable China version is enough for beginners. But if you’re looking to have a more hard-core waist training session, go for Columbia-made waist trainers as they provide a more constricted structured waist binding session.

I love wearing my waist trainers since they help me achieve a better posture, and of course, they’ll help me get a smaller waist in time.

It is advisable to start with 2-4hrs of daily use and gradually increase it every week or a couple of days until you can reach 10-12hrs for best results. I’m on my 5th day and I’m still wearing it for 4 hrs max during daytime. However, I was able to sleep on my China-made waist trainer last night with 8hrs wear.

I’ll be updating you with my results in a month so stay tuned! <3

Let me know what you think through the comment box below. Follow me on Twitter for more day to day updates.


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  1. henley Avatar

    I need this, will be attending a wedding next month and I want a bit flat tummy! 😀

  2. Elle Avatar

    I’ll wait for your update and I’m excited to know what will be the result.

  3. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I hope it would really make a difference. I think I wore something like that before, yung nabibili lang sa dept. store and I’m not really comfortable with it. :/ Like after 1 week. Ayaw ko na. If that waist trainer works for you, I’ll try it na din! 🙂 I have a problem kasi with a bit big tummy. So yeah, I wanted something to help me hasten my flat tummy process. I’ve been planking and doing crunches (plus jogging) for almost a month now. 🙂

  4. Ann Chery Waist Trainers Avatar

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  5. annecaluag Avatar

    Did shoponlinemanila changed their name?

  6. amandawarner255 Avatar

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  7. Abrose Sili Avatar

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  8. The Best Waist Trainer Avatar

    Is it bad to sleep in a waist trainer?

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