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About Me

Jirbie received her Advertising Management degree with honors from DLSU-Manila. After 8 years in the corporate world handling finance and brand management, she now pursues entrepreneurship–yes, being her own boss!

In 2018, she went on to become a Certified Aromatherapist, as one of the first in the Philippines, and earned her certification from New York Institute of Aromatic Studies in as short as 10 months.

Since then, she has been holding workshops, classes, and lectures on aromatherapy and safe use. Some of her public speaking engagements include esteemed educational institutions like College of Saint Benilde and Xavier School.

As a corporate wellness advocate, she also conducts private workshops and employee wellness classes to support your employee’s work-life-balance. Further, Jirbie has done consulting work for various international beauty brands like Kiehl’s and Pili Ani.

Jirbie conducts classes on essential oils (basic and advanced, DIY classes, etc.), candlemaking classes, shampoo bar making classes, natural perfumery course, and organic body care course (organic lotion making, natural deodorant formulation, etc.).

As a content creator, she’s been a brand ambassador for various beauty and wellness brands since 2008 as she shares her daily dealings on topics relating to beauty, lifestyle, and animal rescuing.



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  2. “…..this blog is for girls”


    Naa, I will not allow that line to stop me from reading your posts, naa! Oh please rehash that! 🙂

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