After Glow: Halloween Party at Solaire

This is the only photo I had for the Halloween party I attended last week. I accidentally erased all my photos from the Samsung S3 and I guess you can not retrieve them no matter what. Sad, I know. 🙁

No use crying over spilled milk, I know.


It was a funky neon-themed 80’s-90’s Halloween party at Eclipse in Solaire Resort. South Border is set to play for the night so I was excited to see the band live.

My beau and I were a little late for the event. The band Spice was already getting the people feel the music when we arrived. There weren’t enough tables for us so we had to stand by the long tables in front. The crowd is a little senior–it was amusing, really.

I didn’t stay long enough to finish the event–it was a little too tiring to be standing in front with my killer heels. I remember being asked (along with my beau) for a photo as a candidate for the night’s best dressed though. 🙂 But then again, I wasn’t there long enough to see who actually won that night. Too bad I wasn’t able to see South Border either. :p

I had an amazing time spending my Halloween at Eclipse though. 😉 Like Solaire Resort on Facebook to keep you updated on their latest events and promos.

PS, Thank you Jek of Solaire Resorts & Casino for the invite.


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