All Natural Beauty Line Novexpert Product Launch

In a world where people are starting to get conscious of their impact to mother Earth comes a beauty line that is committed to be 100% natural in origin, 100% biodegradable and certified 100% hypoallergenic.

Created by four French doctors who specialize in skin aging, Novexpert by Laboratoires Novexpert was developed with discerning consumers looking for a healthier approach to skincare in mind.

It was an intimate and posh dinner at Le Jardin, BGC Fort last Wednesday night to introduce this innovative skincare line to some of Manila’s top beauty bloggers. Gracing the event was Victor Basa, Flawless model Divine Lee, and Flawless CEO Ms. Rubby Sy.

Novexpert is a cosmeceutical skincare brand created by a team of four French doctors to answer the growing clamor for anti-aging products that are safe for long term use, especially by people with sensitive skin. The company uses a natural system of preservation which makes its products non-toxic, biodegradable and certified hypoallergenic.

A key ingredient found in each product is Novaxyline, a patented natural complex made from a special type of algae found in Brittany, France. Novaxyline combats free radicals and inflammation. It also serves as a booster for an enzyme called Sirt-1—a natural substance that increases the healing ability of cells and protects them from progressive DNA damage that naturally occur with aging.

All Novexpert products work to defy aging by providing the skin with moisture and nutrition essential to staying healthy. However each also contains different active ingredients that serve different purposes. This is why it is recommended that people looking into making a purchase consult with aesthetic doctors first. Evident effects can be enjoyed five minutes after application, although to visibly fight wrinkles, experts recommend continuous use of Novexpert products for at least one to two months.

Novexpert is perfect for people with sensitive skin, as the line is 100% chemical free. Each product in the Novexpert line is guaranteed safe, natural and–most importantly–effective. Since Novexpert is an all-natural product, the shelf life is about 6 months upon opening of the product.

Products under the Express range contain seven percent hyaluronic acid while other ranges have five percent. According to clinical studies, these products can provide evident lifting effects that can last up to 12 hours, five minutes after application. A great property of hyaluronic acid is it has the ability to go deep into the skin and multiply.

Currently, Flawless offers eight Novexpert products under three ranges: Expert Anti-Aging Eye Contour and Expert Lifting Eye Contour of the Eye Expertise Range; Expert Anti-aging Cream, Expert Anti-aging Fluid, and Expert Anti-aging Mattifier of the Expert Anti-aging Range; Repulp Cream, Repulp Mask and Instant Lifting Serum of the Express Anti-aging Range.

This healthier approach to skincare is brought to us by no other than the country’s preferred clinic for face, body and medical aesthetic services, Flawless. To know more, visit or follow Flawless on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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  1. Aegeane Colmenar Brioso Avatar

    Wow! This is a super good products that every woman should try. Its all natural, and it looks very effective because it comes from France pa 🙂 Though I cannot use anti-aging line for now, because I’m only 18, I would definitely recommend this for my mom to minimize her fine lines and wrinkles and clarify her face. Hope that it will be not too much expensive in our budget 🙂 Thanks for sharing this mam! 🙂 Godbless!

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