Awesome session with Strip Manila’s New V-Blush

Finally! After almost two months of rescheduling my appointment, I was finally able to drop by Strip Manila, the sister company of Browhaus. I was excited when they mailed in to say they wanted me to try their new Warm English Gingerbread wax, plus their V-Blush service. So, I went to their Greenbelt 5 branch yesterday with Hazel, from dress me up, buttercup.

You want some spanking shining kilikili? Better try Strip Manila’s New V-Blush to blast away dark, sagging underarms! What’s it all about?

The treatment works by breaking down melanin, the skin’s darkening pigment, and inhibiting its production. In most cases, this reduces the number of freckles on the affected area and tends to lighten the skin’s coloration. At the same time, the heat coming from V-Blush stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which make the skin both fuller and tighter. When used on the underarms, the darkening and sagging that come with age and certain cosmetic products. Significant results are usually achieved in just six sessions, though some customers notice improvements in as few as three treatments.

V-Blush achieves painless results by using gradually-increasing doses of energy to the treated area, unlike traditional IPL, which uses spikes of high-energy dosages. Since the treatment is done in gentler increments, there’s an incredibly low chance of burning, the leading cause of discomfort in conventional IPL treatments. Most of Strip’s V-Blush customers feel a slight tickling at most.

Here are some snaps during the treatment.

The room is so spacious and the entire place smelled like yummy gingerbread!
Snapshots of my waxed underarm. I swear this is my best waxing experience!! I’m a convert na!
Ok, this is gross but I’d like to show you guys my gingerbread wax peels.

I super love my waxing technician or striperella, Krissy, from Greenbelt 5 branch. She was able to answer all my inquiries. I love it when the attendants have mastery on what they are doing. I have high respect for such people–goes to show they actually care/love what they do. Krissy even made me try New York Vanilla Cupcake and their classic Chocolate wax. After waxing off all my pit hairs, we proceeded with V-Blush treatment. Basically, V-Blush lightens and tightens your underarm by doing some low-intensity IPL treatment. No pain at all during this treatment. I almost fell asleep when we were doing this because of the spicy gingerbread smell and the comfy bed I was on.

the IPL machine we used for V-Blush treatment

And here’s a nice little thing to remember my experience. Because of their partnership with Party Perfect (your supplier for Edible Centerpieces, Themed Dessert Buffets, Give Aways, Diaper Cakes and Baby Shower Treats and more), all Strip Manila clients get yummy gingerbread cookies like what you see below! Yay!

Visit Strip Manila at:

2F Serendra Bonifacio High St. Bonifacio Global City Taguig
Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM

4F Greenbelt 5 Phase 2 Legaspi Street, Ayala Center Makati
Store Hours:
Sun-Thurs: 11AM to 9PM
Fri-Sat: 11AM to 10PM

Major Credit Cards are accepted


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