Beauty Battle: Etude House Pearl Essence vs Derma Celesty Pearl Essence

Pearl essence or serum has been the thing both in Asian and Western beauty scene. The primary purpose of these pearl serum is for anti-aging and to give your skin the luminescent pearl glow while keeping your skin hydrated.

While there are many versions of pearl essence or serum available in the market, I have hand-picked two brands that are available in the Philippines for comparison.

Etude House Pearl Aura Brightening Essence is a brightening and revitalizing essence makes skin look transparent and radiant. It contains Tahiti black pearl extract based fine aurora particles that enhance the skin’s natural transparent glow, brightening up dull areas for the effect of just awakened, fresh skin. With sufficient moisture and skin-friendly properties, This essence absorbs quickly without the use of cotton pads, hugging the skin with its smooth texture for a healthy looking glow.

Brighten up for a radiant, youthful skin like pearl. Even damaged skin will be smooth and flawless with a brighter tone.

Etude House is from Korea while Derma Celesty is from Japan. Both of which are from reputable countries producing great skincare products. While Etude House is a brand more accessible to many, Derma Celesty is something you should not ignore.

Shinagawa’s specialized Japanese skin care line Derma Celesty is 100% made in Japan using premium ingredients. It boasts a range of products to target different skin problems. This brand will soon be available on Landmark and through direct selling.

As regards to product comparison, I can smell a faint scent of alcohol with Etude House’s Pearl Essence. This brand comes in a clear serum and is more watery while Derma Celesty Pearl Serum comes in a thicker texture and is more opaque. Both are easily blendable and dries clear on your skin. Both products are easily absorbed by the skin as well so it’s a good base for your makeup without much waiting time.

I have enjoyed using both products. To this, I say, they are both good in keeping my skin hydrated. As to their brightening properties, it’s hard to tell. But I love the way both products make my skin soft and smooth. I find them to be a better alternative to moisturizer since you are putting more power ingredients on your face when using these serum.

Price-wise, I think Etude House wins as the bottle is only Php898.99 (100ml). Derma Celesty costs Php3,200.00 (30ml)–but this is already cheap in Japanese luxury skin care standard.

Have you had a chance to try any of these pearl serum? Hope you enjoyed this post and happy new year! <3

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4 responses to “Beauty Battle: Etude House Pearl Essence vs Derma Celesty Pearl Essence”

  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I was shocked about the price of Derma Celesty. Haha. I would go with Etude House na nga. 🙂 Well if I have the money, I’ll try DC na rin. 🙂 BUt Etude House nga is more available.

  2. marianaprils Avatar

    Japan is really great talaga when it comes to skincare. Madami sa rustans nung mga mahal talaga. I will recommend this to my mom dun kasi siya nakafocus ngayon sa mga marks niya sa muka. As for me, yung affordable muna na etude 😀 since sobrang dry nung noo ko piling ko may wrinkles na talaga. 🙂

  3. doseofrain Avatar

    3k! –> faints haha it was really expensive talaga ms jirbie but if you’re a skincare fanatic that was just fair enough..

    i will try the Etude house first =)

  4. rachael leonardo Avatar
    rachael leonardo

    very expensive pala ang celesty. since it’s same effect and much cheaper, i will try etude house.

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