Beauty Battle: Lipcote vs CC Lipstick Sealer

So I know you guys have been waiting for this post after I posted my review on Lipcote. Without further ado, let’s check who’s got the upper hand in this beauty battle.

I have been wanted to try Lipcote for the longest time and when I saw it was on sale, it was a done deal. While browsing Beauty MNL, I saw another lipstick sealer brand, which is from local Suesh, and though why not get the two to compare?

“Lipstick’s best friend” Lipcote is the Original Lipstick Sealer and secret of smudge, feather, face and kiss proof lipstick that lasts.

Recommended by top makeup artists and celebrities, award winning Lipcote is a true beauty staple, specially created for ladies who simply love lipstick.

CLAIM TO FAME: A paint-on formula for locking in your lipstick

FAST FACTS: Clear, smudge-proof, waterproof sealing agent; prevents color-bleeding and fading; fitted with brush applicator

PERFECT FOR: Prolonging the life of your lip color

Both are available in Beauty MNL so accessibility is not an issue. However as of my last check, Suesh’s CC Lipstick Sealer is out of stock. Anyway, this Lipcote 7ml bottle is sold at Php316.00 (from regular price of Php395.00) while the CC Lipstick Sealer 15ml is at Php342.00 (from regular price of Php380.00).

I tried using both in two separate days but both in the afternoon to test their number-of-hour wear. I figured, I may eat and drink more in the morning so using one product after the other might not be conclusive.

On the day I used Lipcote, I remember applying it at 2pm (after lunch) and had dinner by 8pm. At 9PM, after having dinner with fish (oily food), I was surprised that my lipstick stayed pretty well. Despite having dry patches here and there, my lips stayed well-coloured on photos.

On the day I used the Suesh’s CC Lipstick Sealer, I applied it at 1:50pm, which was also after taking my lunch. Sadly, 5:19pm, my lips were already looking pale (yup, I had eaten it all up already). Although it weren’t as pale as it would be normally, my lips do not look photogenic anymore, as compared to when I used Lipcote that even after 7 hours (and after a meal!), my lips stayed pretty on photos.

So I guess Lipcote wins this battle hands down. Stay tuned for more Beauty Battle!

Or better yet, suggest what products you want me to review side by side and I’ll see what I can do! <3

Let me know what you think through the comment box below. Follow me on Twitter for more day to day updates.



Let me know what you think through the comment box below. Follow me on Twitter for more day to day updates.


6 responses to “Beauty Battle: Lipcote vs CC Lipstick Sealer”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    yay we have a winner! lipcote for the win =) thank you for sharing it ms jirbie.. can i suggest of new article on your blog ms jirbie can you post what to splurge vs save products?

      1. doseofrain Avatar

        yay! gonna wait for that thank you!

  2. justdoitmarian Avatar

    Pati packaging mas winner ang lipcote! Hehe. Which do you prefer liquid foundation, mousse foundation, pressed powder, or mineral foundation for everyday loom? I’ve been wanting to try kasi Clinique Even Better liquid foundation in SPF15. 🙂

  3. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I knew Lipcote would win. I haven’t heard pa of the one from Suesh eh. 🙂 And the price naman don’t differ that much so it’s very economical to but Lipcote. Thanks for sharing your experience with both products! 🙂

  4. Stacie Avatar

    Hi! Can you do a battle of the liptints? Like get all lip tints (the cheapest) from each Korean brand and try them out and see which is the best? By cheapest I mean like the delight Tony Tint from Tonymoly, Dear Darling Tint from Etude House, etc etc 😀

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