Beauty Exclusive: Etude House Play 101 Gel Liner Pencil

Remember, as little 90s kid, we used to love coloring books? I remember how I used to spend my summer break finishing up my Disney coloring books with my favorite set of Colleen colored pencils. There’s nothing more fulfilling than to fill each and every corner of space with color just to make the picture “complete.”

This year, Etude has taken that amazing childhood memory back to life by bringing us their collection of Play 101 Gel Liners.

Play 101 Pencil is a collection of 50 amazing vibrant shades that can be used as an eye liner, eye shadow, brow pencil, concealer, contour, highlighter, and as lip liner! These 50 shades come in different textures–matte, creamy, shimmery, with specks of glitter, and full-on metallic.

My friends from Etude Playhouse was generous to send me 3 shades to try– #10 (nude), #19 (bright pink), and #20 (vibrant purple). Gosh, my heart skipped a beat when I opened them! They all looked so pretty, I can’t wait to try it on!

See what I mean?

These Etude House Play 101 Gel Liner Pencils glide on smoothly and won’t tug your lids. Plus, the color pay-off is perfect. You get the same vivid colour in just one stroke. What impressed me more about this Etude House Play 101 Gel Liner Pencil is that it sets amazingly smudge-proof after about 60 seconds. Even after trying to repeatedly rub it off with my finger, it stayed on fully intact!

Another cute thing to mention is that each of your Play 101 Liner has a little sharpener on the end. This helps you keep that fine pointed tip to create a perfectly polished makeup look. Here’s a sample look using all three Play 101 Pencils. 😉

That’s #20 on the inner corner of the lids, #19 on the outer corner, and #10 on the lower waterline to make my eyes look bigger. I used Etude Color Lips Fit in Silhouette Fit Pink on my lips.

Play 101 Pencil is now available at your nearest Etude House boutiques for only Php348.00 each.

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4 responses to “Beauty Exclusive: Etude House Play 101 Gel Liner Pencil”

  1. DearKaaat Avatar

    I’ve been waiting for a review about this the moment I saw it on my Instagram feed. I wonder if the nude one can be applied also on the waterline? 🙂

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hi Kat! Yes you can–that’s what I do!

  2. Rikzah Zia Avatar

    The packaging is soooo cute !!! 😀

  3. kim Avatar

    OMG they have actually 50 shades? wow and it is very useful too because you can actually use it as almost everything , when you have this you’ ll only need a powder or foundation 🙂 and it is smudge proof pa pala, so worth it! it is actually my first time to read a review about this, thanks!

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