Best Places to Have Kids in Ohio

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Ohio is an often forgotten gem that offers affordable living, great job security, and some of the most interesting cities you’ll ever see. It’s the best place to raise a family: the only trouble comes when you have to pick which city to move to.

These are the best places to have kids in Ohio, and why it’s the state to move to! 


With close to a million residents, Columbus is by far the largest city in Ohio, as well as sitting as the state’s capital. Home to countless parts, museums, and incredible historical monuments, Columbus is a perfectly rounded city that works hard to ensure everything you could want is available. Unfortunately, housing here is expensive, but the housing market makes it worth it for most families.


The smallest city on this list, Dublin, doesn’t even break 50,000 people in population. As a suburb of Columbus, you can still enjoy many of the things the city has to offer without paying as much or dealing with the constant noise and traffic that the city offers. The best parts of Dublin are the walkable streets, friendly, tight-knit neighborhoods, and fantastic friends you’ll make while you live here.  


Home to nearly 400,000 people, Cleveland is a major city nestled against the shore of Lake Erie, capable of seeing Canada across the water. The thriving job market makes this the best place for new workers or workers with little to no work experience. Living here is a dream since it’s affordable, but there are some areas of town that can set your budget back further than anticipated.  


One of the largest midwestern towns out there. Toledo is home to over 400,000 people. Thanks to the countless buildings, and incredible architecture, Toledo has gained a nickname as the Glass City! This is an incredible place for anyone to live.


If you want affordable living while still feeling like you’re in a major city, it’s time to make your way to Cincinnati! With a population of just over 300,000, and affordable Cincinnati houses for sale, you’ll find your perfect place to settle down. This city has everything for a growing family, from a fantastic zoo and botanical garden to an art museum with over six thousand years of history, every inch of Cincinnati will leave you excited to see and explore more!


This incredible city has a grip on history so that whoever lives here can learn from it. From the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force to the incredible Boonshoft Museum of Discovery with a kids’ museum and small zoo: you can guarantee educational field trips will be incredible here. Dayton is home to nearly 150,000 people, which means there’s plenty of room to grow while still feeling like you’re living in a large city. This is an amazing place to live for any history buff.

Ohio Is The Perfect Place to Start a Family

If you want the perfect mixture of city living and laid-back greenery, you’ll find it in Ohio. Explore these cities and get to know which option is the best for your future family.



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