Children, learn about F*** Y** Fund today

So I was reading this article entitled The Last Taboo: Money on Elle Magazine’s June 2015 issue and something struck me: The F-word Fund. I never knew there was such a term but I’m glad I’ve got some sort of that kind of fund.

I have recently quit a job that I deeply love. I have worked hard for it, worked hours in a week for it, spent my weekdays and holidays over it, and even skipped one or more family affairs for it. I was deeply committed to it as I have considered it as my “dream job.” I even remember telling my beau how happy I was to be in that position and that my career goals are falling into place. Well–guess what–nothing’s perfect, dearies.

Just like in any good fairy tale, we can easily identify the villain and the climax of the story. For me, both came in early on. It was an issue of not seeing myself slaving off anymore for someone who doesn’t really see the value of work that I put into. And with that comes another F word: Freedom.

Right then and there, I decided to throw in the towel. At first, it was scary as it was my first time to be officially jobless since college graduation. But, I realized I had to know my worth. If that person couldn’t see the value I put in the company, then I’d rather work hard for someone who will. Or maybe it’s time to work for myself?

As soon as I broke the news to my family, my dad offered to let me handle the family business. It was a good air cushion to my ego, maybe my dad just wanted to give me something to do as I figure things out, I don’t know. I just feel lucky that my parents were supportive of my decision.

But we all know that for some, we cannot just walk out from horrible bosses and think that things are going to be okay. This is why I would like to encourage you to keep a F*** Y** Fund. How much? Let it be a good 3 to 6-month worth of your current salary. So when things start not to work out, you won’t have to be tied down on anything or anyone.

This is something that I have learned in my years of being a corporate slave. When I was a fresh graduate working in a high-paying job, I used to spend all my money in the latest gadget–phone, laptop, camera, etc. But as I grew older, I realized I didn’t need the latest phone nor the latest bag. I ran at my own pace. I saved most of my salary and minimized my expenses as much as possible. I spent on people that I love most and on my cats instead of myself. I tried to build multiple sources of income and not solely depend on my employer. With this, I was able to build a nice F*** Y** fund in just 6 months.

Think about it. Having your own F*** Y** fund is your own security blanket. It’s something that would empower you to stand up for yourself, to be able to act hastily yet meaningfully when you’re caught in a situation that causes you so much distress.

Right now I am still unemployed, but I am making more money than when I was being employed. Aside from that, I have full control of my time–I don’t have to wake up early or come home and be part of the rush hour. Now, I don’t have to wiggle my way out when I wanted to go home earlier than my boss’ time. Plus, I get to spend more time with the people I love and things that interest me most.

Looking back, I’d still give myself a pat on the back for taking risks and actually taking ownership on it. I didn’t sulk in the situation and just moved forward–head held high. But, to be honest, I wouldn’t be able to do all that without my F*** Y** fund. :p

Do you keep a F*** Y** fund? Let me know through comments below!

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3 responses to “Children, learn about F*** Y** Fund today”

  1. Mai Casanguan Avatar

    I don’t know about this word,All i know is just a savings account,This F*** Y** Fund is good especially now a days.I’ll tell this to my husband.We can talk about this since he’s the working,He need to have it not only our savings account.Thanks for this post got an idea =)

  2. doseofrain Avatar

    this is great! i’ve been a corporate slave for almost 10 years (on june to be exact) and i havent saved anything, i want to ran my own little business like selling something online and sad that i dont have any capital to start with, im thinking of availing the early retirement to have my own fund but im still thinking for my daughter’s future. (it is really hard to take risk) but i know God is good and He will always provide for our needs

  3. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I’ve been working for 2 years now and from the moment I’ve met my boss, I really didn’t think I will last this long. I’m thinking about leaving for such a long time but my boss kept me busy, always, so that I won’t have time to look for another job. I’ve been saving a lot this past few days because I get pissed off with my boss this past few weeks. I’m really really determined to transfer. I just can’t be jobless right now as my siblings rely on me. So I wish God would really help me. :/ And I didn’t know it was called that way. Haha

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