Cine Europa 11: Hands Off Mississippi

More than a child’s film.

I felt bad when I wasn’t able to watch any of this year’s Spanish Film Fest… so I made sure I’d, at least, have time to watch at least one European film. Good thing Euro Film Fest started showing last September 11 ’til the 21st at the Shangri-La Mall. Yey!

Cine Europa 11 offers 17 international films from Denmark, Finland, Germany, Spain, France, Italy and U.K. to name a few. I was able to catch this afternoon’s showing of a German film entitled “Hands Off Mississippi.”

At first I thought the film would be boring since, based on the synopsis, this film is for kids and it even wonย  as the Best Children’s Film. (I’m always biased against child-themed movies) Luckily, after watching the film, I was proven wrong. ๐Ÿ™‚ The story was simple yet full of wit. I enjoyed the film. Of course, it was entertaining to see a glimpse of Germany and how their country life is.

I’m dying to see Spain’s entry. (yeah, I’m so loyal to Spain…) I was supposed to watch it today but I woke up late. Anyway, hope I’d wake up earlier next Sunday so I can make it to its 12-noon showing. ๐Ÿ˜‰

For the screening sched and the film synopses, click here.


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