Your Essential Oil Expert

Jirbie has been a key resource person in the world of Philippine aromatherapy. Since 2008, she has worked with dozens of brands and companies on beauty and wellness. As the country’s seasoned Aromatherapist, Jirbie is also a brand consultant, an online educator, and a live presenter.

Corporate Wellness Classes

In these unprecedented times, Jirbie understands the need to provide supplementary wellness programs to your employees by building a program around the specific needs, budget, and goals of your organization.

Essential Oil Training

As a Certified Aromatherapist, Jirbie provides online staff training about essential oils and online consultations to various beauty and wellness companies.

Media Launch & Events

Jirbie conducts aromatherapy talks and even on-site workshops for media events and product launches.


Jirbie conducts aromatherapy lectures and classes on various topics like Essential Oil Safety, Beauty Formulations, Natural Perfumery, Animal Aromatherapy, and etc. across all ages.

Client Feedback

Since we opened our doors, Jirbie has always been a strong source of knowledge and ideas. Her deep and broad expertise in aromatherapy and essential oils continue to fuel our efforts to advocate the safe use of our high quality essential oils.
Zellaroma Essential Oils
We’re happy to have Jirbie on board with us–she’s our trusted go-to resource for aromatherapy. Her wealth of knowledge contributes to what we know of local oils especially when it comes to educating casual oil blenders of the efficacy of each blend.
Pili Beauty and Wellness

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