Couchwasabi’s Lash Experiment!

Haven’t you noticed more of my lashes lately? No, I haven’t had lash extensions… and no, I haven’t been using lash serums.

I have recently discovered a mascara combination that can finally make my lashes visible in photos! Yay!

Step 1 – Etude Lash Perm All Shockcara

I prime my lashes with Etude Lash Perm All Shockcara because its tornardo brush creates instant volume and curls to my lashes.

Step 2 – Avon Mega Effects Mascara

Since the formula of Avon’s Mega Effects is really wet, it’s a good base for my lash extenders from Get Lei’d to stick on to. Plus, the paint brush style wand covers my lashes from end to end.

Step 3 – Get Lei’d 3D Mascara

I apply Get Lei’d Step 2 Fiber mascara first while my Mega Effects formula is still wet as the fibers effectively sticks onto my lashes in one clean sweep. Then I use Get Lei’d’s Step 1 Setting mascara to seal in the fibers.

Et voila! Now my lashes are FINALLY visible in photos!

How about you? Any lash trick that you can share? Stay tuned next week for more mascara reviews!

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2 responses to “Couchwasabi’s Lash Experiment!”

  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Wow, that’s why I noticed that you used lots of mascaras in your motds. 🙂

  2. doseofrain Avatar

    i noticed hihi.. i love making my lashes visible on picture too.. but sometime i got lazy because i wear glasses most of the time..

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