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Dear Couchwasabi,

It has been my forever problem to have dry, chapped lips. I just graduated from school and staying in the airconditioned office for most of the day is not helping. I don’t like using too much products on my lips since I had an allergy once with one of the lip product that I have used and made it even more dry. 🙁

Can you share with me what you use? Something that is hypoallergenic. TIA!
– Kat

Hello Kat,

I have suffered from chronically chapped lips all my life, too. Having nice soft lips all the time is not an easy feat, I know.

But I guess what works for me is to apply my trusty Carmex lip balm every time my lips feel too dry. I think Carmex is hypoallergenic so you can give it a try. Or you can go back to basics and use petroleum jelly.

Apply petroleum jelly on your lips before you get ready in the morning to protect it from irritants that would further dry your lips. These irritants and allergens may come from fragrances, dyes or color additives in toothpaste, face lotion, cosmetics, and even hairspray!

Drinking lots of water helps, too. Also, add some food rich in B-vitamins or iron in your diet like spinach, lean red meats, tuna, nuts and whole grains since some research suggests dry lips may be caused by a lack of B vitamin or iron.

Durign bedtime, make sure to gently exfoliate your lips with a soft toothbrush–rubbing in circular motion–before you apply your layer of petroleum jelly or Carmex balm. Oh, and don’t forget to avoid licking your lips! Your saliva dries out the lips, too.

If there’s anything else, do email me at couchwasabi[at]ovi[dot]com. Cheers to your new kissable baby lips! Mwah!

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4 responses to “CW Beauty Talk: Prevent Chapped Lips”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    can you recommend another brand aside from carmex? i didnt see any carmex on the watson aisle near my place =(

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Maybelline’s baby lips and Nivea Medicated are good drugstore buys.

      1. doseofrain Avatar

        i will try maybelline balms =) thank you for the recommendations ms jirbie

  2. Mai Avatar

    I agree with you in your answer.=)

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