Dental Cleaning with Shinagawa Orthodontics

Oral Prophylaxis or dental cleaning is something I swear by. I religiously do in 2x a year (or every six months) to maintain good oral hygiene. Making this a habit also saves you from a lot of dental issues in the long run.

It was Doc Darwin who did my dental cleaning that day and I love that he doesn’t work with a heavy hand. I have been through other dental centers and it was such a bane to have dentists work on you with a heavy hand.

I mean, come on, we look so vulnerable sitting on those dental chairs, right? LoL.

Aside from that, Shinagawa Orthodontics provides excellent dental care services using the best and revolutionary technology from both the Philippines and Japan so you’re pretty sure you’re in good hands.

Here are the promos you can enjoy from Shinagawa Orthodontics this month:

  • Conventional Braces at Php15k down payment only promo rate of Php40k ( original price is Php80k)
  • Self Ligating , Lingual and Ceramic is at 20% Off
  • Dental Filling is at Php1,300.00
  • Invisalign is available for only Php220k

A tip, though, is to make sure to book your appointment prior visiting since Shinagawa’s Ortho calendar can get quite full. Also, this saves you a lot of waiting time.

For more information, you may get in touch with Shinagawa through their Facebook, Instagram, or via SMS +632-491-0000 or +63717-572-4684

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