Dining at Nadai Fujisoba

Have you tried eating cold noodles? I super love eating cold soba especially when I’m in the mood to eat noodles but the weather is too hot to have hot soup.

Today, let me share with you my delightful cold soba experience at Nadai Fujisoba in SM Aura. 🙂

I have recently learned to appreciate eating cold noodles, both from Korean and Japanese restaurants. My first bowl of Japanese cold noodles was a total disaster and I didn’t really know how to eat it. I poured all the cold broth in the bowl while the noodles were sifted away from it with the bamboo sheet. Needless to say, my dining experience felt weird and I didn’t enjoy my bowl of cold soba.

Cold noodles in Japanese restaurants are normally served with udon (thick noodles) or soba (thinner buckwheat noodles). I’d normally go for soba. So here’s how you should eat it:

  1. Mix the green leeks and wasabi in the cold broth until the wasabi has dissolved in the liquid.
  2. Get some soba with your chopsticks and dip it in the cup of cold broth.
  3. Let it sit for a couple of minutes before eating it.
  4. Dip your tempura in the cold broth as well before taking a bite.

What I love about Nadai Fujisoba is that the serving is enough for its price. I loved that their ebi tempura was done right. I mean, I hate those tempura that feels as if it was covered in too much flour–or breading–just to make it seem larger than it really is (ay grabe, jap food critique, chos!).

A bowl of cold noodles from Nadai Fujisoba is about Php200.00-300.00, which is reasonably priced, if not cheaper than most cold noodle bowls that I’ve had from other restaurants. Oh, you can ask for more green leeks or wasabi if you like, and that’s free of charge.

Great food, good ambiance. Get your quality Japanese food fix at Nadai Fujisoba without making your wallet cry.

Nadai Fujisoba
LG, SM Aura Premier, BGC, Taguig
+632 8303333

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