Easiyo Yogurt Maker

I was so happy when I got this from ADB’s wellness fair. I was thinking, ‘FINALLY, I’d be able to make my own yogurt at home!’ For only Php700.00, I was so excited to try and make some yogurt in 3 easy steps using Easiyo’s Yogurt Maker.

The package comes with two free yogurt powder sachets–natural and strawberry flavor. These Easiyo yogurt powders are conveniently available in groceries and supermarkets nationwide. It costs about Php280 per pack… do the math, it’s still cheaper than buying Nestle yogurt.

Last night I was able to try making my first homemade yogurt. I was soooo excited! My boyfriend and I decided to try out Easiyo’s natural yogurt sachet. All I had to do was add cold water to the powdered yogurt, shake it, and put boiling water to the yogurt maker. Keep it for 10hours, et voila!

Here goes my first 1-kilo homemade yogurt. I had to pop it in the refrigerator for a couple more hours and have it chilled. The consistency is perfect at 10 hours and the mixture was tangy enough to qualify as a real yogurt…. I guess no sweeteners were added on this one–which is good. ๐Ÿ™‚

To make my yogurt more delicious, I added kiwi chunks into my bowl of fresh yogurt. A pack can make 1-kilo of yogurt which has a shelf-life of one week.

If you are looking for a nice Christmas present for your health conscious bud, I think Easiyo Yogurt Maker would be perfect for him/her.

Easiyo is available at your local groceries and supermarkets.


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