Fashion Editorial: Vogue Paris Turns Supermodels into Life-Size Barbie Dolls

Happy New Year, dolls! How’s your first few days of 2015? Speaking of dolls, a recent fashion editorial from Vogue Paris features models transformed into life-sized Barbie dolls.

Dubbed as “Panoplies” (meaning an impressive collection of things), this fashion editorial features models donning neutral expressions impressively clad in your favorite designer collection.

Moschino (all pink everything)

Ralph Lauren (classic Americana)

Gucci (chic riding gear)

Miu Miu (luxe cheerleader)

Dior (garden party fab)

Saint Laurent (a little rock and roll)

Fendi (sporty Barbie)

Valentino (fun florals)

Louis Vuitton (jet set sleek)

Emporio Armani (jazzy get-up)

Dolce & Gabbana (homage to Spain)

Chanel (ladylike pants and jacket) 

If these were sold in toy stores, I would’ve bought them for collection. I really love what they did for Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren; while Moschino was too predictable for me. Plus, I’ve seen this Barbie-inspired Moschino line worn by Paris countless times–in her own attempt to encapsulate Barbie.

How about you? Which of these collection would you love to wear? I’d probably go for Louis Vuitton or Dior. Let me know what you think through comments! <3

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4 responses to “Fashion Editorial: Vogue Paris Turns Supermodels into Life-Size Barbie Dolls”

  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Super cute! Mukha talagang Barbie! I love the Louis Vuitton and Miu Miu the most. Ang ganda ng model, bagay sa kanya maging Barbie. The accessories are well coordinated pa. Such a talented artist

  2. marianaprils Avatar

    Nice post. 🙂 I choose the classic moschino pa rin 🙂 Sana si paris hilton nalang nagmodel, mas bagay..

  3. doseofrain Avatar

    i like the Dior! and yes i would agree to marianaprils mas cute kung si paris hilton ang model =)

  4. Lilly Avatar

    I love the riding one I fell of my horse today woops

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