First Impressions: Feliway Comfort Zone Diffuser for Cats

I have a total of 7 cats inside our house. It should have been 11 but I had to re-home some of them since they weren’t getting along. Obviously figuring out this hierarchy among my furbabies is something that we will never understand… and I’m sure this stresses them out.

If you don’t  know the troubles of having a bunch of stressed cat, here’s what they normally do, aside from the occasional rumble and growls, they would probably scratch your beddings and furniture then mark on stuff and pee anywhere–it’s crazy! For a time I had to endure this until I thought of re-homing some of them.

But, of course, I cannot just re-home my cats every time they don’t get along. I did a little research and found out about Feliway Comfort Zone Diffusers.

Comfort Zone products with Feliway are clinically proven 90% effective at reducing urine marking and vertical scratching. The Comfort Zone with Feliway Diffuser and Refills dispenses a drug-free, odorless vapor that mimics a cat’s natural calming pheromones. This vapor signals to your cat that the area is friendly and safe, reducing your cat’s need to spray and scratch. It helps to reduce or completely stop unwanted behavior due to stress-related issues such as multiple pet household, transition from shelter or breeder, moving, home remodeling or furniture changes, or changes in people and pets in the home. Don’t let destructive behaviors ruin your relationship with your cat.

I got this diffuser off from Amazon at USD30.00. It is said that Feliway mimics natural cat pheromones that effectively calms them down and reduce stress-related behaviors like marking (peeing anywhere) or scratching furniture.

So you just plug this in the wall socket, like normal plug-in air fresheners, and this new 48ml bottle can last up to 60 days. I was down to restore the peace and orderliness if our house so I added this in my shipping cart and paid.


I also got myself diffuser refills for USD60.00 per box of 6 since I figured they would need at least 6 months to a year to keep the effect going. I mean, you don’t have to use this diffuser forever. When your cats have been accustomed to each other, you can actually stop using Feliway Cat Diffusers.

Since this Feliway Comfort Zone Diffuser was bought from Amazon US, it runs on 110v. Good thing I wasn’t super excited to just plug it in our wall socket, I would’ve destroyed the diffuser and that’s USD30.00 down the drain! Whew!

Does it work? Well, one of the refills leaked so I had to wipe off some of the oil to clean it up. I used Tutti‘s blanket to wipe the pheromones off my hands last night. Tutti doesn’t normally sleep with me on the bed, but last night he climbed beside my leg and slept soundly–even if I was moving and trying hard to see if he’d wake up, he just kept on snoozing. So I’m just excited to finally have this plugged in and observe the effects on my clowder.


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7 responses to “First Impressions: Feliway Comfort Zone Diffuser for Cats”

  1. lipsticksandbottles Avatar

    awww.. one of the siamese kitten died yesterday =(

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Im sorry to hear that 🙁 bakit, what happened?

      1. lipsticksandbottles Avatar

        di nga po namin alam ms jirbie basta last three days nag suka at dumi yung mother nila (kimi) tapos the following day yung mga kittens naman saka si elmo (father) pero ngayon okay na sila lahat pagkita ng kapatid ko para pakainin di na nagalaw yung isa =(

        1. CouchWasabi Avatar

          I hope they’re okay now. Baka viral.

          1. lipsticksandbottles Avatar

            the other three kittens were okay na ms jirbie naglalaro na sila ulit at masigla na

          2. CouchWasabi Avatar

            yay im happy to hear! 🙂

          3. lipsticksandbottles Avatar

            Meron na din nag adopt sa eldest and named him Frappy =)

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