Flawless Cell Booster Infusion Facial

After having my Brow Resurrection done, I can’t really have any facial treatments until last week. Finally, I went to Flawless Greenhills yesterday to have my much needed Cell Booster Infusion Facial. And since I was in a facial-coma for almost a month, I just want to have it done pronto!

I love having treatments done at Flawless. I love that the staff would offer you to sanitize your hands upon entering the facial room. They also made me sign this sealed pack of sterilized facial tools (e.g disposable headbands and whatnot) to show that these facial tools are fresh from the pack and will only be used for me.

I went on with my facial with Ate Siony as my therapist. I love it when my therapist is knowledgeable in what she’s doing. While having my facial done, Ate Siony was telling me about my Cell Booster Infusion Facial.

This Cell Booster Infusion Mask is Flawless’ latest innovation for anti- and preventive-aging treatment facial. Cell Booster Infusion Mask is designed to perform two main functions: to combat the effects of and protect the skin from the destructive free radicals that we encounter every day; and to rejuvenate and improve our skins’ cell architecture by nourishing it and encouraging the tissue regeneration process.

After the usual cleaning, massaging, scrubbing, steaming and pricking part of facial, Ate Siony carefully placed the cool hydrogel mask on my face. This new hydrogel technology turns nutritious substances into a gel form that lets the skin absorb the ingredients effectively by reacting to our body temperature.

This Stem Cell Hydrogen Mask contains stem cells derived from Swiss apples, which penetrates our cells and helps replenish dead cells. No wonder, I instantly felt your skin plumpy and it looked more glowy as soon as the mask is taken off.

This 1-hr treatment is only Php1,400.00. To know more about Flawless’ products and services, you may visit www.flawless.com.ph or like their Facebook fanpage. You may also follow Flawless on Twitter.

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  1. DearKaaat Avatar

    This seems like a good treatment with promising results. 🙂
    I’m loving your blog’s make-over btw

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