Get your Pili Ani Mystery Jirbie Box until Sept 11

One of the proudly Filipino beauty brands that I’m totally loving right now is Pili Ani Beauty. If you haven’t tried any of their products, NOW is the best time!

Aside from their essential oil blends, I’ve always loved Pili Ani’s Ageless Concentrate and their Volcanic Mask for my monthly hormonal zit. I also have a few Pili Ani lipbalms all around my room (I keep one near my bed, another in my purse, and one more on my work desk–I’m that obsessed!).

So if you’re interested to try Pili Ani products, get the best value from today until September 11, surprise yourself with a Pili Ani #MysteryBeautyBox. Get Php1000 worth of Pili Ani products for FREE when you purchase any Pili Ani product from this link or scan the QR code below and add code jirbiebox to claim my exclusively curated gift for you! Limited boxes available… so hurry and snag one!

PS, Thank you to all these amazing souls who celebrated with me during my Pili Ani Pajama Party last Thursday. Love you girls!

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