Happy 1st Birthday, dear Pepper!

Tomorrow is Pepper’s estimated birthday. We found him last July 5, 2013 along EDSA. He was just 300g then. Now he’s nearing 4 kilos and is growing more lovable and smarter each day.

Pepper is my first cat and he is special in so many ways. He has saved my life in many ways than the way I rescued him from being astray in EDSA. He’s the most lovable and well-behaved cat. He sleeps by my leg every night and he knows when it’s “sleepy time.”

Since rescuing Pepper, my beau and I have rescued three more cats namely Yoona, Twinkle, and Star. Planning and celebrating Pepper’s 1st birthday has been more of an excitement for me than for him–especially now that he has three more sibs to celebrate it with.

So we celebrated Pepper’s birthday today and this is me and my boyfriend’s first gift for Pepper. It’s a 12×12 art piece of him and Yoona hugging each other–Thanks to Cha Laxamana of Inky Cats. This is how Pepper is to his siblings–very gentle and brotherly. He takes care of them and gives way whenever his younger sibs would like to eat more of his food or play more of his toys.

And since a birthday party will never be complete without a cake, it’s a no-brainer for me to get it from my friend Giann’s Whole Pet Kitchen. I ordered this awesome grain-free fish cake a month ago when she first Instagrammed it.

Look at how my babies devoured the specially made kitty cake!

Here’s how my girls, Yoona and Twinkle, couldn’t stop eating Pepper’s yummy cake!

And here’s Star cleaning himself after being so full from the cake… and quickly falling to slumber! So cute!

It was a simple celebration, but a happy one. Again, happiest birthday to my baby, Pepper. =^.^=

PS, Thank you so much to Cha and Giann for making Pepper’s birthday extra special and memorable. You guys are the best!

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6 responses to “Happy 1st Birthday, dear Pepper!”

  1. jmva20 Avatar

    Hello po! I am also taking care of a cat – a kitten, actually. I don’t exactly know how old she is because my mom only adopted her from my uncle. She is very picky and doesn’t want to eat rice. Ano po kayang magandang ipakin sa kanya bukod sa isda? This is actually my first time to take care of a cat. Can I ask a little help from you? Thank you! And by the way, happy birthday to Pepper! ^^

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hello! I feed my kitties Whiskas soft food (those in sachet), Whiskas dry kitten food and Friskies dry kitten food. I give them vitamins, too. I add LC-Vit to their breakfast every day. This keeps their immune system strong. I notice that when you feed them cat food, their coat looks better than the cats eating human food. 😉

      1. jmva20 Avatar
  2. DearKaaat Avatar

    It’s so sweet of you to rescue and keep these cats as pets! I have friends who do, too. Thumbs up to these cat rescuers! It’s impressive how behave this birthday cat is and towards the other cats. 🙂

  3. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    yay happy birthday pepper! =) we have new pet and she’s kimi =)

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