Happy Valentine’s Day!

How was your Valentine’s Day? Were you able to receive that wonderful bouquet of roses and box of chocolates from your special someone? Did you go to a fancy restaurant for a Valentine date? How about for the singles out there? Did you sulk up in a corner of your room while you yplayed Boyz II Men songs all night? I hope not.

Valetine’s day is not supposed to be exclusively for couples. Whether you are single or with someone, you have all the right to celebrate Valentine’s Day in however way you want.

Valentine’s has always been one of my favorite holidays since I was a kid. I remember getting excited for it because I can make red heart-shaped paper cut-outs and turn it into a Valentine card. I would ask my little sisters to make Valentine cards together so we can give it to our mom and lola and I would feel a certain satisfaction when my mom would be happy when we give the hand-made cards to her and she’d keep it by her bedside table. As I grew up, I would buy roses, heart-shaped candies and whatnot at school so I get to bring home a little Valentine something for my mom and lola.

I was brought up to believe that Valentine’s day is not only for couples. It’s not only about giving or receiving flowers, cards, and candies. More than anything, it’s actually a celebration of love. And love starts within a family. I always keep fond memories about my family on Valentine’s day. I remember keeping one of the Valentine cards made by my little sister for me when we were kids. ๐Ÿ™‚

When I went to work yesterday, I greeted the cab driver a happy Valentine’s Day just before stepping out of the cab.ย When I got home, I greeted our security guard the same. At work, I greeted people Happy Valentine’s Day–whether they’re single or taken, it doesn’t matter. The celebration of love knows no status. The girls and I at work had a little Valentine’s celebration together by eating a heart-shaped carrot cake brought by my workmate, Hazel.

This year, I decided to stay in for Valentine’s. No movies, no dates. I know 90% of the couples were out there last night to have their Valentine date. Girls in their red dress, toting around their bouquet of roses, with their man on the opposite arm–I don’t want to be a part of that. Instead, we avoided the busy-ness outside by having my boyfriend prepare a nice meal for us and watched movies at home. It’s simple yet just as meaningful.

How about you? How did you spend your Valentine’s Day?

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