Heal Dry Skin this Summer with Vaseline

Did you know that the scorching heat of the sun can cause Xerosis or severe dry skin? Good thing there’s Vaseline to shield your skin from the harmful effects of the summer heat!

To showcase and prove the healing power of Vaseline, Vaseline took the ultimate test when it mounted a live billboard along C5 last April 8-10. Watch the video after the jump 🙂


Real leaves were used, and half of them were covered with Vaseline jelly, while the other half had none. After three days, the difference was visible. The side that was coated with Vaseline jelly remained vibrant and moisturized, while the other half dried out completely. If Vaseline can keep a leaf vibrant and moisturized, imagine what it could do to dry skin.

From hot showers, air-conditioned rooms, to the heat and pollution during one’s daily commute, skin is stripped off of its natural hydration and moisture. Vaseline aims to make it easy for Filipinas to replenish their skin’s moisture by infusing what is known as a wonder ingredient into the NEW Vaseline body lotions. Now with micro-droplets of Vaseline Jelly, the NEW Vaseline body lotions work deep from within the epidermis to bring back lost moisture.

Now you can heal dry skin from within with Vaseline Deep Restore Lotion. For healing with fairness, there’s Vaseline Instant Fair Lotion. For targeted areas like elbows, heels, and knees, heal dry skin with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, the original wonder jelly.

To know the condition of your skin, take the Dry Skin Test on http://www.vaseline.ph/skin-index-test.


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