I Got Slammed by Slammin’ Burgers

I had a burger-phase in my teenage years where I won’t eat anything at any fast food chain but burgers. It’s crazy, I know. Though I don’t eat as much burgers as I use to, Slammin’ Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips might be the first burger chain to take me back to that phase again. Exclusively. Just for their yummy mini burgers.

The burgers at Slammin’ Burgers have no room for ordinary and mediocrity. Each burger always has something special in it–aside from mostly being made with imported all-beef patties.

The basic All American Slider (Php145.00 double/Php215.00 triple) comes in onion-steam grilled to perfection juicy beef patties–yup, that’s right, it’s the onions who do the cooking for the beef patty. So a Slider is something very unique and not just an ordinary mini burger.

While a lot on the menu are equally enticing, don’t let the restaurant’s ‘mini’ name fool you!  When Slammin’ says ‘mini,’ it certainly doesn’t mean bite-sized. In fact, two mini burgers add up to more than your average quarter-pound burger, and three is more than a 1/3-pound burger–ergo, even if you’re dining here solo, you’re sure to get Slammed!

After so much deliberation on what to get, I finally decided to order the newest on the menu–Slammin’s Black Box Creations (Php185.00 double/Php265.00 triple)–and then some more!

Don’t let this small frame fool you. My body can take in so much food you’d wonder where’d it all go. Haha! Anyway, so I let the very friendly Kuya Rodel do his wonders in the kitchen as I patiently wait for my order…

First up was my Mighty Mushroom Bacon Loaded Fries (Php125.00). What I love about Slammin’ Burgers is that they don’t scrimp on toppings–meat, sauces, and all. This, alone, is very filling already. But since I was into some pigging out that day, I was so prepared to down in all the mini burgers after this!

My burgers finally came. 🙂 Another thing to love about Slammin’ Burgers is that you can mix and match burgers in your order. So I got three of the The Black Box Creations, which are limited-edition mini burgers made with extraordinary ingredients—and they’re only on the menu for six months!

These are the John Candy topped with salted caramel, sautéed onions, melted cheddar, and bacon; the Romeo and Juliet with bacon, melted cheese, strawberry jam, and salted butter; and The Big Kahuna with pineapple chunks, sriracha mayo, teriyaki glaze, melted cheddar, and bacon.

I’ve got to say, John Candy has to be my favorite. <3

To end my burger adventure on high notes, I also ordered a couple of their Slammin’ Iceburgers (Php55.00). This takes me back to my highschool days when a manong would always stand by outside our school gate to sell icecream between pandesal buns–only, Slammin’ Burgers takes it up a notch by using fun colored pillowy soft buns.

You can find Slammin’ Mini Burgers + Fries + Dips at the GF of the new wing of Promenade Mall in Greenhills; at Food Choices, L2 Trinoma; 5F of Market! Market!, near the cinema area; and soon to open in Robinsons Magnolia in the fourth quarter of 2014.

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  1. Pau Avatar

    I always passed by their store at Trinoma but I haven’t try it! OMG! Your post makes me hungry and yes I definitely visit them one of these days! I’m excited with the Slammin’ Iceburgers! Thank you! 🙂

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