It’s Pepper’s 1st Founding Anniversary!

Here’s a simple photo slideshow of Pepper over the past year with us. A year ago today, we (my beau and I) found Pepper along EDSA (Northbound, near Annapolis Station) and took him home…

… and the rest is history. <3

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3 responses to “It’s Pepper’s 1st Founding Anniversary!”

  1. Aegeane Colmenar Brioso Avatar

    Ang cute! <3 Happy Anniversary Pepper!!

  2. jmva20 Avatar

    Happy 1st Founding Anniversary, Pepper! ^^

  3. kim Avatar

    every cat (and every animal as well) deserves a second chance on life. I admire you for taking care of Pepper and saving him/her from the dangers in EDSA. Happy Anniversary Pepper you look like you’re so loved there hehe 🙂

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