Karada Japanese Body Therapy

If you are suffering from spine or back pain problems, I’m sure you’d appreciate having a stop at Karada Japanese Body Therapy.

Since opening in 2013, Karada Philippines now has 6 operating branches in Metro Manila. Karada offers an original technique, AP Balance, which aligns the spine and pelvis and also treats the stiff muscles of the body.

If you want a break from your usual chiropractor and want to try something new, drop by Karada and let them do a personal assessment on your condition. Each therapist is trained by Japanese Karada master.

Your first session will start with the individual assessment to align your spine before the treatment. Depending on your current condition, the therapist will recommend the best treatment suited for you.

It is useful to have your reservations ahead of time so you won’t have to wait in queue for so long. But be sure to arrive on time. You may also opt to schedule the Japanese Karada master to do your treatment, but of course, at a higher price.

Treatments start at 20mins, 45mins, 1 hr, 90mins, and 120mins. Treatment prices range from Php345 – Php3,995.

Karada Philippines
New Glorietta Mall – (02)553-8731
Greenbelt 1 – (02)503-6004
Serendra – (02)823-6716
Alabang – (0917)870-5602
Radissons – (02)843-7425
Greenhills – (02)510-8946

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4 responses to “Karada Japanese Body Therapy”

  1. eurethel Avatar

    I am planning to go at their SM Makati branch and try this out. I’d been so stress lately so I guess this is the best gift for the hard work. Thanks for sharing the price as I am a bit hesitant that it would cost me so high. haha

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    This is the first time I have heard about the treatment. And I’ve read this post just right on time. I have been experiencing backaches lately, especially when I am standing or sitting straight for a long time. I think I have scoliosis na though. :/ Will try their service nga and hear their assessment. I hope this works for me. 🙂

  3. Laura Bantigue Avatar
    Laura Bantigue

    How much would be the cost of the japanese karada master in alabang branch? What time or days his availability?

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hello please get in touch with Karada directly

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