Latest collection of Zen Zest Room Spritz

I got a bag of Zen Zest goodies waiting for me when I got home today that carried these–the latest line of room fragrance/deodorizers from our favorite aromatherapy brand in the Philippines, Zen Zest.

The blue label, tagged as Anti-Tobacco, is a mix of earth tones from cedarwood, bergamot, and pine. It helps eliminate the ciggy-smoke stench in your house. Even if you don’t have anyone smoking cigs at home, you can still have this if you want a whiff of earthy fall right inside your house.

The green label, Anti-Mosquito, is my favorite among them all. It’s a mix of citronella, lemongrass, and eucalyptus. This bottle has the most empowering scent among the four. I smelled it the moment I opened the bag, and I loved it! I super love the invigorating citronella scent… apart from its mosquito repellant properties, it gives me the spa-ish smell I want in my room.

The brown label containing choco and cappuccino notes, called as the Kitchen Fragrance, is a muted choco hazelnut spray with hints of coffee-mocha in it. Coffee has been known to be an effective odor neutralizer–that’s the reason why there’s always a cup of coffee beans on fragrance counters… the coffee scent “resets” your olfactory senses. So, if you want to clear out any ulam smell, here’s the spritz made for you.

Finally, the peach label is Zen Zest’s Cabinet Deodorizer concoction. It’s a glorious mix of Iris, Peonies, and Freesia. It’s very mild–like holding a bouquet of fresh flowers in Spring. The scent reminds me of youth and innocence… like a sweet sixteen kind of thing.

These will come out in the stores very very soon. I’m giving away two of these as part of my Couchwasabiโ€™s BIG Belated Birthday Blowout–so stay tuned!

PS. Thank you so much to Michelle and Ecko from Zen Zest.

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