Meet my 7 furbabies

Sadly I don’t have a single photo of them all together. If you’re a fellow cat-mum you’d know how hard to orchestrate such a photo. LoL. Anyway, let me introduce to you my 7 rescues from Metro Manila.

PS, to some of you who have been asking how my kitties are lately, this post is for you. <3

1) Pepper from EDSA Northbound

I never knew I’d adore cats so much until I met Pepper. My bf and I rescued him one Friday afternoon when I was going home from work. He was just 2 month old then… and look how big he has grown!

Pepper is such a clever cat. His IQ is beyond words. Even the staff and doctors at MACE tells us he’s too smart. LoL.

Pepper just had his cystoscopy recently. And lately, he’s been undergoing his rebellious stage by always sneaking out on us to run away and come back after a day. May girlfriend yata sa labas na sine-secret sa amin.

2) Yoona from the Bronx

Yoona was a rescue given to us by our housekeeper. Yoona’s famous for her GMA appearance on national TV a month before her first birthday. Like a true blue model that she is, she just wants to mind her own thing and she’s sort of a snob. LoL. But she can turn around quickly and be as sweet as candy when there’s food around.

3) Twinkle from C5

Our second female cat, Twinkle, was rescued with her brother Star along C5 elevated U-Turn. Their mom had been run over by a truck laying flat in the middle of the road when my bf and I found Twinkle and Star. Since taking them in, this dynamic duo have been eating and sleeping most of their days at our house.

Twinkle is a gentle female cat. She’s timid and kind-hearted. She takes care of her babies really well and doesn’t do much trouble compared to the rest of them.

4) Star from C5

Star is our sweetest and chubbiest cat. He’d easily win your heart as he loves rubbing himself against humans–it’s a sign that he likes you. He’s also our heavy-weight champion among the bunch as he won’t say no to any bowl of food.

5) Button

Button is Twinkle and Star’s first-born. Button is special since she was diagnosed with flat-chested kitten syndrome when she was a month old. But she’s such a fighter that she’s grown into a healthy and active young cat. She likes to play with tissue papers and is entertained easily.

6) Calico

Calico is Button’s sister. She was born a day after Button. Calico’s the Mean Girl of the group. She looks up to Yoona so much that she’s trying to imitate her aunt all the time. She’s also our fluffiest girl cat next to Yoona.

 7) Magnolia from Robinsons Magnolia

Our latest rescue, Magnolia, is the sweetest girl cat among the bunch. Just like Pepper when he was a baby, Magnolia likes sleeping beside humans. Even though she has her own bed, she would climb out of it and I’d always find her beside me every morning. She’s also a very vocal cat. I remember Pepper used to be very quiet. But with Magnolia she would answer back every time you’d talk to her as if she understands what you are trying to tell her.

So why am I telling you about my cats today? It’s because June is actually Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month!

That’s right! By showing you my 7 rescues, I hope that this has somehow encouraged you to adopt cats from shelter rather than buying from pet stores. When given the same love and care, these shelter cats or even cats picked up from the streets (like my 7) are still as beautiful and as loving as your typical breeded cats.

Through Philippine Animal Rescue Team (P.A.R.T.) you can:





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7 responses to “Meet my 7 furbabies”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    yay they’re growing fast ms jirbie.. hi pepper! glad you’re okay now =) i hope you could meet kimi =)

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Thanks Rain! Yes Pepper’s doing well. Back in his old ways of trying to make takas everyday. I ordered a trackr fot him. It’s arriving soon! Can’t wait to write a review about it 🙂

      1. doseofrain Avatar

        yay i cannot wait for your review ms jirbie =) hih

  2. edelweiza Avatar

    I admire you for your generous heart. Your cats are all adorbs! 🙂

  3. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    So cute! I may not be a cat lover but I really admire you for adopting cats on the streets before buying cats. You’re truly a cat savior. 🙂 They look so healthy and happy, they’re so lucky to have someone like you! 🙂 We adopted a cat too before but it went out and never went back. :/

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Nako buti na lang Pepper comes back. I’d be devastated if my Pepper ever does that. 😐

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