Merry Christmas from our Newborns!

Christmas is usually the time that I make a huge purchase to “reward myself” for the whole year I have been diligently working. This year, things were different. I didn’t buy anything for myself, as I realized I have everything that I need.

This year, I looked forward to spending my 2-week holiday vacay with my four kitties Pepper, Yoona, Twinkle and Star. But Christmas came in more special this year. 11 days before Christmas, Twinkle gave birth to two new kitties–Button and Calico.

As you all know, Twinkle is my youngest kitty, whom I rescued from C5 with her twin brother Star. Last December 14, she gave birth to Button at around 4:20am. I was so happy to have finally seen a newborn kitten. Button was so tiny and fragile–it was amazing.

The day after Button was born came in another surprise. That morning, when I went to check Button before I leave for work, I was surprised to find two baby kittens in the basket we set up for Twinkle and her baby. So there they were, on the 15th of December, we found out that Calico was born.

Although Button is older by a day, he is tinier than Calico. We recently learned that he has a special condition called Flat-Chested Kitten Syndrome (FCKS), which basically means he needs extra care. This is a congenital deformity wherein the kitten develops a compression of their ribcage making him/her breathe more difficultly.

I guess Button was born prematurely but he is such a fighter. He loves being cuddled and crawls here and there. According to their vet, kittens with FCKS would normally survive if guarded well in their first 3 weeks. Currently we’re supplementing Button with KMR to aid his development.

Calico, on the other hand, is such a milk-hoarder. She loves feeding and is very aggressive with it. Born a day later, she is so much bigger compared to Button. She seems to be more needy with her mum, too. She doesn’t like being held away from her mother and she loves feeding whenever she’s awake.

Both Button and Calico are the best Christmas blessings for me this year–and I couldn’t ask for more. How about you, what’s your favorite gift this year?

Have a merry Christmas day, everyone. <3

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2 responses to “Merry Christmas from our Newborns!”

  1. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar
    Abegaill Villacruz

    They are so cute! So lucky of them to have you as their owner. Super well taken care of. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family plus your cats and kittens! 😀 Pets are such a blessing talaga

  2. doseofrain Avatar

    Hi Button and Calico =)

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