Microchipping Pepper and Yoona

Last month, I was able to buy 50% off coupons for pet microchipping from Pendragon Veterinary Clinic. The gift certificate expires in a month so I had planned to claim it before I leave for China.

Microchipping your pet can be handy. It registers the details of the pet and its owner in a worldwide server. With this information, microchips can reunite lost and runaway dogs or cats with their families. The microchip won’t track your pet though. Your furbaby has to be taken somewhere to be scanned.

In the Philippines, there is only one clinic that does microchipping–Pendragon Veterinary Clinic in Quezon City. The microchip costs Php800++, which includes the implant procedure. The microchip is implanted on your furbaby’s scuff. But since Pepper was a bit too challenging for the vets in Pendragon, he had his implant on his back.

After the long struggle, Pepper and Yoona finally had their microchip implanted. We were given personalized tags with their microchip number and a certificate.

Now, Pepper and Yoona are both Euro-trip ready =^,^=

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  1. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    wow =) havent heard/known anything like this.. before kasi kapag may dog tag ang alam ko lang ibig sabihin nun may vaccine sila =) this is cool =) thanks for sharing info =)

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