Moshi is the best Apple cable replacement brand

I patronize iPhone, I really do. Ever since I made the switch from Blackberry to iPhone, I never looked back. I’m not in it for the games but I really love the useful apps made available to its users.

My only problem, like most Apple users, is the short lifespan of their cables. Remember my post about staying away from knock-off cables, which led me to discovering Moshi cables?

Well, I shall declare this now: Moshi is THE BEST replacement cable brand available in Manila.

Sometime in October, my Moshi lightning cable started acting up on me. After an update with my iPhone, I get those “item not supported” error–just like when you use cheap cables. Since Moshi is a brand certified by Power Mac as an authentic replacement brand, this error should never be popping up in the first place.

Luckily, I registered my Moshi cable when I purchased it, and so my cables are covered in their 2-yr limited warranty. I have also kept the box (to show the registry code) and the receipts, in case I would need to replace my cable.

Since I purchased my cables back in February, Power Mac will not honor replacement under its 6months warranty so I placed my replacement under Moshi’s international 2-year warranty and followed all the processing through their website–including taking this photo and cutting my Apple cable in half.

It took a while before I was able to get my replacement due to local customs issue. But I was finally able to get it replaced just last week at PowerMac Megamall, where I originally bought it. I just presented my OR, then surrendered my Moshi box and old defective cable. You would also need to keep all the correspondence between yourself and Moshi international as an additional proof.

Remember, the replacement doesn’t cover physical damage–like when your cable has been torn in 2 or has been bitten by your pet. But when it starts getting weird after an update, I’m glad there’s a warranty available for that now.

So shelling out Php900 for this warranty is actually a good deal. Since then, I have been telling family and friends to get Moshi cables instead because their warranty policy makes sense and it works.

PS, Here’s a shoutout to JP of PowerMac Megamall and Patricia of Moshi for helping me getting my Moshi cables replaced. Big thanks!

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7 responses to “Moshi is the best Apple cable replacement brand”

  1. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar

    I’ve never bought an iPhone or an iPad as I find them hard to use especially when I’m so used to using Android phones. I’ve been a Samsung user ever since I had my first phone. 🙂 But I’ll definitely recommend this to my colleague as she’s using one. She also have a hard time finding for a perfect legit cable replacement. She tried to buy a local cable brand and her phone overheated while charging! From then on, she promised that she wouldn’t buy that again. :/

  2. doseofrain Avatar

    wow.. this was great my cousin is an iphone user and i might share this to her.. glad to read info from your page ms jirbie

  3. RA Avatar

    Hi! My moshi cable has been acting up lately, remember, lightning cable is supposed to work regardless on how you put them, apparently on my case, the cable works only if I put the side with “moshi” right in front on me. Cable is 3 months old and I need your opinion on this one – will Power Mac MOA replace this defective cable? I also registered my cable to Moshi website, I just don’t know how this will help. Thanks!

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Yes I believe they can replace since the local warranty grants 6 months, correct? If not, course it through the 2 year international warranty. Keep the receipt and make sure you have registered your product.

      1. RA Avatar

        Thank you! I will go there tomorrow but I need to find the box first, all I have here is the receipt.

  4. Emilio Avatar

    In case the box is missing, can I still avail the warranty? I do have the receipt though.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      I think you have to have the box since the code is there.

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