MSI FX400 i3 Gaming laptop Nvidia 325 Review

Believe it or not, I got this laptop for only Php9,995.00. Yup, an i3 laptop for a little less than ten grand, which I got last week from MSI Warehouse Markdown Sale at PC Corner. It’s in i3 with an NVIDIA GeForce GT325M in 500GB HDD and a sucky 1GB RAM (nerd talk alert).

The unit is brand new, although MSI FX400 is a 2010 series laptop. A bit old, but the features are great. It’s actually a gaming laptop with an awesome set of speakers and sound card. I love watching movies and my downloaded series in this laptop since the sound is really crisp and loud (I used to attach an external speaker with my Asus when I watch movies with that laptop).

The screen is bright and crisp as well and the battery life is amazing. Actually, I bought two units of these and gave the other one to my sister. Bought at the same price but hers is only dual-core (i3 ran out of stock).

Over the weekend, I upgraded the RAM to 5GB so it’s working perfectly well now. I had my boyfriend install all the necessary programs for work–Photoshop, Corel, Office, anti-virus, etc. I initially bought this laptop for work, since it looks professional in faux-leather black and streamlined silver accents–a far cry from my attention-grabbing Asus Acid Green K43s. But when I started enjoying this at home, it seems that I’d love to have this as my primary laptop and have my Asus take the back seat.

Overall, I’m really enjoying this laptop. It looks professional and sturdy. Perfect for office setting. But with the awesome sound quality, I’m sure you’ll enjoy using this at home in your downtime.

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