My new toy: HTC Hermes

OMG. I just can’t help it. Although I just got my Nokia E71 a few months back, I just have to get my hands on one of those HTCs! And here’s mine–after much though on whether to get the HTC phone same as Jenny–I finally decided to get myself an HTC Hermes!

I was really considering HTC Touch in Wasabi Green but upon checking out the online reviews, I guess HTC Touch is just an eye candy and surely comes less in functionality. So, I got myself this slide qwerty phone that runs on WM6.1 and scores an average of about 8/10 in all of the online reviews I’ve read. And since my unit is the ones you get from Japan–but luckily runs on an english platform–my Hermes is Japanese-ly branded as SoftBank X01HT.

I’ve never really been exposed to handling Windows Mobile platform, so this thing really needs a lot of getting used to. But so far, I’m so loving it! It’s just so techy it makes me drool even if my hands already are all over it! LoL.

I’ve already set up my mobile IM programs, my net browsers, videocon applications, themes, and I’m still looking for more useful stuff to put in. It won’t be such a problem to load stuff here since it’s packed with a 2gb microSD (just like E71!).

I haven’t done much but to set the basic settings like wifi and some application installations… but I have one problem though, I can’t seem to make the bluetooth connection with my laptop work. So I’d have to check on that.

Anyway, I’m still checking this nifty gadget out and still doing some experimenting.. so far, I’m loving the threadedย SMS feature…ย hm..ย maybe I can give you a follow up post on this after a few days, ok?


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