NEW FAVORITE: Hyalure Soap-Free Skin Cleanser

I am very picky with the products I use on my face. I would normally stick to my favorite baby soap to wash my face when I’m lazy to use my Clarisonic and my current favorite facial wash. But since trying out this Hyalure Soap-free Skin Cleanser, I find myself reaching out to this product every single time.

Hyalure dermaformulated gentle skin care solutions for sensitive skin is a new product in the market specially formulated by a dermatologist.  Most products contain hyaluronic acid a known powerful moisturizing agent that helps hydrate the skin, reduces skin irritation caused by the environment pollutants and forms a protective film in the surface of the skin thus preventing moisture loss. It is vital in maintaining the skin’s natural moisture barrier giving a velvety soft feel and smooth texture on the skin.

What I like most about this Hyalure Soap-Free Skin Cleanser is that it’s viscous enough to be used with my Clarisonic. I have previously tried an SLS-free facial cleanser but it didn’t go well with my Clarisonic. The other brand was too runny that it made my sensitive Clarisonic brush felt scratchy on my skin.

Hyalure Soap-Free Skin Cleanser is proudly Philippine made. So it’s a lot cheaper than your normal imported brand like Cetaphil and does the same gentle cleansing action. This brand is SLS-free, paraben-free, CDEA-free, and fragrance-free so it’s suitable to even the most sensitive skin.

It says in the label that you can use this as a makeup remover. But when I used it to remove my K-Palette eyeliner, I had to do 2-3 rounds of wash and yet the makeup is still there. So I’d rather Hyalure Soap-Free Skin Cleanser upon waking in the morning when my skin is still makeup free.

After the wash, I love the feeling that my skin felt clean, but not squeaky-clean. It actually felt clean AND moisturized. I guess this is the hyaluronic acid working its wonders to seal in the moisture and protect my skin from environmental aggressors.

You can get this Hyalure Soap-Free Skin Cleanser at any Mercury outlet for only Php315.00 (250ml). For more Hyalure products, you may visit their website or their Facebook.

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7 responses to “NEW FAVORITE: Hyalure Soap-Free Skin Cleanser”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    wow another Filipino made product! and cheaper than cetaphil!!! this is love! when my baby turns two had rashes at her back, and her pedia prescribed to use cetaphil bar (which costs 400php) so i tried using cetaphil cleanser which costs 100php (smallest bottle)

    i now found another discovery tru reading today on CW! love it! thanks ms jirbie!

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Wow, I didn’t thought this is Philippine made. 🙂 And I was even more amazed about the price, super affordable. I hope to get my hands on this and try it too. 🙂

  3. Ida Reyes Avatar
    Ida Reyes

    Hi. I am fond of using Hyalure products- cleanser, fragrance-free lotion, deodorant, facial toner. I was able to find the distributor, hence I made the products available in my clinic in Manila at much lower price than Mercury. 😉

    1. Elyn Avatar

      hallo Ida, where can I find you for me to order a Hyalure facial toner?

    2. Jen Samonte Avatar
      Jen Samonte

      Hi Ida
      That’s great
      What’s the Address of your clini?

  4. Elyn Avatar

    I’m located in Makati. where are you in Manila?

  5. Grace Avatar

    How come you don’t have any contact details here. I am very much interested on this product.

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