Ovn Bread Company satisfies my bread-eating lifestyle

If you’re a fan of the Singaporean franchise BreadTalk, then you must love our local counterpart Ovn. Though they do not offer BreadTalk’s favorite floss breads, Ovn offers a whole new variety of gourmet bread.

Ovn adds a little spin of Pinoy taste in the buns.

Even the classic asado bun and footlong is glamour-ized.

For those who occassionally crave sweets like me, you can choose from their amazing variety of sweet smothered bread.

Here’s my pick for today’s offering–White Chocolate Almond bun and Blueberry Cheesecake.

If you have a more neutral palate, you may choose from their range of pizza bread.

Or choose to take home one of those regular loaf.

Ovn Bread Company
G/F SM Aura Premier,
Fort Global City


2 responses to “Ovn Bread Company satisfies my bread-eating lifestyle”

  1. Cy Valencia Avatar

    The asado bun is tooo cute to eat haha! I think I’ll like their breads more than Breadtalk. I don’t really like their cheese floss. Am I a weirdo?

  2. Lean Diwa Avatar

    The Street BBQ bun are sooo cutie 😀 hahah I’m not a fan of bread but I LOVE PIZZA! and the cutie piggy caught my attention..

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