Pawssion Summer Camp 2022: Spay and Neuter Day with Pawssion Project

SPAY AND NEUTER SAVES LIVES. I’ve been rescuing animals since 2015 and we know for sure that TNVR (Trap/Catch-Neuter-Vaccinate-Return) is the best way to improve the lives of these strays. Today, we signed up for Pawssion Project’s Spay/Neuter event as we still have 2 female rescued cats waiting to be desexed.

I think it’s our first time to attend a Pawssion Project organized event. They only had 50 slots for the sponsored desexing program and we’re lucky to secure two slots for our very own rescued village kitties. Say hello to this sweet girl Missy.

Missy is one of the 50+ rescued animals in our clowder. We took her in during the pandemic. She appeared on our front yard one day seeking refuge from being hurt by one of the dogs in our village. She was badly bitten on one side of her head so we took her to the vet and nursed her back to health but the incident left her with permanent nerve damage. Now, she walks with wobbly feet and would sometimes lose her balance…but despite her traumatic history, she grew up to be a terribly terribly sweet kitty.

We arrived at the venue at 11am and we were told that our slots were slated for the 3:30pm schedule. The event was well organized and I think the population control was okay.

Since our schedule was not until the afternoon, we decided to go around Vertis North to have some snack and check the mall out. Pawssion Project has another event at the G/F activity center (I think this is the free vaccination area) while the Spay/Neuter event is at the 4/F.

We headed back to the operation area to check the progress of the Spay/Neuter event. We saw that the volunteers have started operating the cats and dogs as Pawssion Project founder Malou Perez went in with Fernando Zobel de Ayala (FZA).

Ayala Malls owner FZA is a known animal lover (he has four aspins!) so it’s really wonderful to actually see him so involved in these events.

We also met the lady behind Cats of Trinoma (CoT). She brought 14 cats to be desexed today. A few of these cats are from Cats of Vertis, which is also managed by the people behind CoT. So yay for this! 🙂

It was about 3pm when we finally had our turn–that’s Missy on the table as she’s being injected with anesthesia.

And here’s the other village cat that we brought in, Michelle. She’s a feisty little one.

The operation was fast. They weighed each cat after the spaying and we waited for them to become conscious again.

Here are some of the other pets waiting to be awaken from their sweet slumber. On the lower rightmost of the photo is Michelle.

I think the Spay and Neutering event is up to 7pm or until the mall closes. I was chatting with CoT and they told me that some of the cats they had desexed would need to be sheltered at Vertis North overnight before transporting them back tomorrow to Trinoma.

Bringing in 14 cats to these events is not an easy feat! The most we had taken in a Spay/Neuter event is, I think, 5 cats–and that’s already really very tiresome! So kudos to CoT for your dedication and big heart in maintaining the cats in your managed communities. ?

Of course, props to Pawssion Project for organizing this event. Also, a big thank you to all the volunteers, staff, and the organizations who sponsored and got involved in this event. Anchoring these kinds of mall-based pet-friendly events is something that we’ve all been waiting to happen. ? ?

Pawssion Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of abused and neglected animals.


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