Photo Diary: Thailand Tripping

Exactly a month ago, I was in Bangkok NOT for pleasure but for business. I was there to attend a marketing conference and so I was not able to find much time for shopping.

Anyways, let me take you through my week-long trip in Bangkok, where you’ll mostly find food, food, and more food.

In today’s generation where boarding passes are rare, let me share with you my boarding pass as I fly off to Bangkok.

It wasn’t my first time to fly with Thai Air, but I have totally forgotten how their airplane food seems to be so much better than PAL or Cebu Pacific. I love the sashimi included in my airplane food and the yummy dessert that came along with it.

So here’s the exchange rate by the time we reached BKK Airport.

We stayed at The Grand Fourwings Hotel, which was a pretty neat hotel. However, if you are going to Thailand to shop, I would recommend to find another hotel accommodation as this hotel is far from the city center. The nearest mall is Bangkapi Mall, which is 1km away from the hotel. But I’m sure you’d rather go to the flea markets to shop when in Bangkok.

The rooms are quite spacious and comfortable. But be warned, the sheets may sometimes smell funky like they weren’t dried under the sun.

I think I pigged out too much during my trip that I gained 5-whole-pounds. So if you are following me on Instagram, for sure you know that I am taking up yoga classes and drinking Javita to bring back my normal weight as I will be hitting the beach next week.

Nevertheless, I am sharing with you the food snaps that I have taken in BKK:

I love the fresh juice the hotel serves in the morning.
And then I would normally get an omelet for breakfast
So here’s my typical breakfast plate with bacon and a cup of yogurt. Sometimes I’d get some soup to warm up my stomach.
Lunch is normally these…
And then I top it off with dessert.

With all these stuff I have been eating, I’m sure you wouldn’t even doubt where I got the 5 lbs I gained in just 7 days. Huhu.

And yet I am saving the best for last.

In one of the nights I went to have my dinner inside the hotel’s sushi bar, I ordered this unforgettable avocado maki topped with salmon roe.

Next week, I will be sharing with you my shopping trip in Bangkok. For now, I shall hit the yoga studio and focus on my fitness goals. <3

The Grand Fourwings Convention Hotel
333 Srinakarin Road, Huamark, Bang Kapi, Bangkok, Thailand
+66 2 378 8000

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    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      lol yes I live for the food.

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    oh goodness!!! maki in avocado!!!! our family’s favorite desert!

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