PhotoBlog: Welcome our new princess, Yoona!

Hello dolls! I am so excited to introduce to you the newest member of our family, Yoona! =^,^=

Yoona is the rescued kitten we adopted from our housekeeper. Since we figured that Pepper has been very bored lately, he needs someone to play and spend his time with.

We named her Yoona after one of the girls in Girls Generation. Look at the striking resemblance! Lol!

Yoona is a little delicate so we had to take her to the hospital and have her checked. She also had her first deworming shot.

Yoona was sound asleep on the way to the hospital.
Yoona was with me while I was having my late lunch after my meeting yesterday. So adorbs!
Yoona is being treated at MACE Clinic.

Yoona’s a little sick. Her eyes are tearing so we had to give her antibiotics and vitamins to boost her immune system. We had to buy her medicines, too, to help her recover.

Later that night, Yoona’s eyes are better. She can fully open them now. Also, Yoona’s appetite is better now as she was able to poop her first dose of worms.

Although Pepper and Yoona can’t play together yet (since we still have to observe Yoona’s health condition), I’m sure they’ll get along just fine. =^,^=

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4 responses to “PhotoBlog: Welcome our new princess, Yoona!”

  1. henley Avatar

    cutiepie – i wish i can have a pet but our landlady wont allow any. 🙁 hello Yoona.

  2. L.S. Engler Avatar

    My cat Baldur had an eye infection when he was about Yoona’s size, and it stuck with him. It’s left his eye a little wonky, but it gives him a certain charm. I always want to get a wee-little eyepatch for him, it’d be so cute. Yoona’s just precious, makes me miss when my cats were kittens!

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Please send me a photo of Baldur through twitter @couchwasabi =^,^= I’d love to see him!

      1. L.S. Engler Avatar

        Always happy to share pics of my babies! Thanks for asking!

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