PhotoBlog: What’s up with Pepper and Yoona?

I know you’re wondering what’s been going on with Pepper and Yoona. If you follow me on Instagram, you can see weekly (or sometimes, daily) updates about them. But, in case you’re not, here’s what’s up with my two furbabies.

Yoona has grown tremendously in the last two months. She’s been eating and sleeping a lot. She’s such a bundle of joy–bursting with energy! I really enjoy watching her play and run around every day.

Of course, she has her share of accidents–like, chewing on my headset. But that’s okay….

Most of the time, she’s my little angelic purring princess, who is generous in giving cat kisses. <3

Pepper, on the other hand, continues to grow more handsome every day.

Pepper’s bigger now. He can already fit into XS sized ready-made pet clothes. He doesn’t eat as much as Yoona, though. There are days when it can be challenging for us to feed him. But he’s slowing gaining back the weight now.

My beau said Pepper was looking for me when I went to China. He kept on making his “weird Pepper sounds” at night. On the first night I got back, he made tampo and didn’t even want to look at me.

But he went to me the next morning and slept beside my leg, just like old times. Yesterday, he even came up to me and licked my neck at around 5.30am and went to my leg to sleep. He’s such a sweet baby.

Normally my babies sleep together. And it’s a common sight to see them hug each other while sleeping. I am just happy that Pepper and Yoona have grown really close with each other. I enjoy watching them run around and tackle. They play with each other a lot. When Yoona steals Pepper’s food, Pepper just let her–just like a good kuya to his baby sister. <3


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  1. rhania (@rhaindropz) Avatar

    hi yoona! hi pepper.. finally im back to work.. after my almost two weeks vacay!

  2. wendy rose santillan Avatar
    wendy rose santillan

    Yoona’s so kulit! Hahaha

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