PhotoDiary: 88 Hotspring Resort Laguna

If you’re looking somewhere closer to Manila, there’s always Laguna to explore. I can’t remember the last time I went to Laguna to swim but we all should be reminded that before Enchanted Kingdom ever existed, Laguna has always been famous for their natural hot springs and private pools.

A simple Google search would tell you the best hot spring places in Laguna, and it was almost unanimous that 88 Hotspring Resort is currently one of the best hot spring resorts today. So my boyfriend and I wasted no time to check it out.

88 Hotspring Resort is a 7-hectare resort at the foot of Mount Makiling. It boasts a total of 9 swimming pools, dip pools, and jacuzzis–all with natural spring water. This was the first lap pool that greeted us and it was too inviting not to take a dip.

There were too many things to explore at 88 Hotspring Resort so we went out of the water to check out the resort’s facilities.

What I like about 88 Hotspring is that the landscaping is great. They have preserved much of the nature’s greens and each spot is almost well-planned. I love the vast spaces. This is far from the usual Laguna hot spring resorts that has pools side by side and is overly crowded with more non-sense cemented kiddie ornaments.

Anyway, look at how picturesque almost each spot is!

Look! There’s a man-made lake!

Here are some of the cottages and villas that you can rent for overnight stay.

We were told that there are a total of 9 pools. So let me give you a sneak peek of the pools inside 88 Hotspring.

Some of the pools have slides.

Some are right beside a casino.

Some are near the volleyball court.

Oh look, they’re still creating new pools, I guess. Or maybe this one’s under maintenance.

Anyways, 88 Hotspring Resort’s most famous pool is the Octagon Pool or the Feng Shui pool. It has 8 mini pools with temperature that ranges from 37 to 43c. It is said that dipping into these pools 5-10minutes at a time improves blood circulation and metabolism.

But my favorite is this Yin and Yang Hot jacuzzi.

88 Hotspring Resort’s massage and body scrub was only Php350/hr when were visited (regular price is Php1,200) but I wasn’t able to get a spot since it was fully booked by the time I was done enjoying all the pools and was ready for my massage. Mental note: book a slot upon arrival. -_-

So I guess it’s time to grab some Korean menu. I got my favorite cold noodles (Mul Naeng Myun) and my beau ordered the spiced up version–that’s about Php900.00 for this meal.

Time and money well-spent!

Entrance is Php600 per head, this includes free use of all the pools. You’d have to pay additional for the massage, body scrub, and other amenities. I’d suggest for you to check in early to enjoy all the pools with ample time. Plus, you know, take advantage of the cheap Korean style body scrub that I absolutely love.

For more information, visit

88 Hotspring Resort
#9061 Manila S Rd, Calamba, 4027 Laguna, Philippines
+63 2 584 4788

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  1. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Whenever we went to Laguna, I always pass by this place. But I never tried. I didn’t know it is good. Haha. Now I need to check that out. It’s a good place to spend a vacation. I love hot springs. 🙂 And it’s near Manila

    1. delfin luceriaga Avatar
      delfin luceriaga

      if i can only buy a piece of land with hot spring just a small lot for my drean retirement house within pansol area or los banos. please help to find a lot for sale. thanks

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