Photodiary: Shilin Night Market, Taipei (Part 2)

Luckily Shilin Night Market is only 10-minutes away from our hotel. Shilin Night Market is one of the most popular night markets in Taiwan. Although, of course, there are a lot of other night markets per city.

The cab fare from our hotel to Shilin is about NT90.00, flagdown rate is NT70. What first greeted my mom and I at Shilin was the fresh fruit stand that sells all these super-sized versions of fruits.

Of course I headed straight to Sasa and Watson’s to check out their beauty counters.

I remember this foot gadget was recently released in Manila.Taipei takes it a notch higher with a Hello Kitty version of Dr. Scholl’s Velvet Smooth Foot File. And yes, it’s more expensive than it’s price in Manila (about Php2,000+ in NT converted vs. Php1,685 in Manila).

I was able to buy 2 or 3 clothes from Shilin, which I thought were all sulit. But most things at Shilin are a little more expensive than if you were to buy them in the Philippines.

On the other hand, I was able to find some stores selling pet clothes and accessories. Some of the things, like the collars and other accessories that you can’t find in Manila are sold here. Apparently, Taiwanese are cat-lovers, too.

So I ended up grabbing some cute collars, toys, and some imported cat food for my fur-babies to enjoy.

Also, there were a lot of stores selling iPhone cases, tablet cases, tempered glass and other phone accessories. But most of them are more expensive than those in Greenhills.

Of course, Taiwan is not Taiwan without milk tea. So here’s Coco Milk Tea to let you enjoy the taste of authentic Taiwanese milk tea. <3

Like a true blue night market, you can basically find anything and almost everything at Shilin Night Market. The night market opens by 5pm but it’s best to go there by 9-ish so you get to experience all the stores open. However, take note that everything closes down by 1am.

The next time you visit Taiwan, be sure to check out their night markets and enjoy the unique finds you can bring home.

Anyway, I will be leaving for Hong Kong later. See you, dolls, next week! Cheers to more shopping! xx

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5 responses to “Photodiary: Shilin Night Market, Taipei (Part 2)”

  1. Libby Cole Author Avatar

    I love night markets, so many weird and wonderful things!

  2. banananutella Avatar

    What I loved the most on this post is the store that sells pet goodies because I really love colorful stuffs for my fat dog (His name is Peanut ☺️). Since I am a Milk Tea lover I will take note of Coco Milk Tea store if ever that me and my family will be going to Taiwan. Thank you for this post. 🙂

  3. banananutella Avatar

    The only country that I have visited outside of the Philippines is Hong Kong. I do love their night markets and with your post I was able to know something about Taiwan and one of their night market/s. I really love the shop for the pets because I have a fat dog (Peanut is his name ?) and I want him to wear cute costumes. I also liked the Milk Tea place, Coco. I am really a fan of Milk Tea drinks, Taiwan is known for their authentic milk teas. Now I have something to look forward if ever our family will plan an out of country trip. Thank you for this post. ?

  4. wendy rose santillan Avatar
    wendy rose santillan

    The one that caught my attention are the oversized fruits..are they really big? And the milk tea, is it like the coco milk mixed with tea?Anyways, i really love your photo diaries ms jirbie. It makes us feel that we’re also visiting taipei with you. Thanks!

  5. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    I’ve never tried going to a night market. Feeling ko kasi scary dahil sa theft etc. But this place looks very safe naman. I hope to try that soon. ang daming cute things. Mapapabili talaga ako pag ganyan

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