Photodiary: Visiting Shun Hing Chiushan Salty Food Shop in New Territories (HK Part 1)

I have been to Hong Kong countless times since I was a kid but I’ve never really set foot on the New Territories since most tourist attractions are in Kowloon or Hong Kong island side. But in this trip, I mainly stayed in the New Territories since my relatives are here and I think it’s also good to know another side of Hong Kong. ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, I would like to introduce to you Shun Hing Chiushan Salty Food Shop, one of the most famous take-away shops in the New Territories, which is owned by my relatives in Hong Kong.

The food shop specializes in traditional lo shui (soysauce marinated) goose stew. It’s the pioneering restaurant to offer this kind of menu. It is made in fresh ingredients daily and the goose meat is tender and juicy.

Shun Hing Chiushan Salty Food Shop has earned a good name for itself since its opening in 2002 that people fall in line–even on an ordinary day–just to get an order of their famous goose stew.

People line up daily to get a take-out order of their famous goose or duck stew and bring it back to their home in Singapore, Indonesia, or even as far as Canada. My uncle also told me that famous Hong Kong celebrities would personally drop by his store and get some takeouts.

Anyway, here’s my uncle, working his day in the kitchen:

Here’s my mom, my granny, and my Hong Kong relatives–who took us around New Territories during our entire stay:

So the next time you are in Hong Kong, take the train to New Territories and get off at Yuen Long Station (purple line) and it should be near from the station. In my next post, I’ll be sharing with you my shopping experience in Hong Kong ๐Ÿ™‚

Shun Hing Chiushan Salty Food Shop
Shop 9, G/F, Yuen Sun Building, Yau San Street, Yuen Long
Tel: 2476 9348

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5 responses to “Photodiary: Visiting Shun Hing Chiushan Salty Food Shop in New Territories (HK Part 1)”

  1. Lexor Avatar

    Couchwasabi – Great to read your story – I’m arriving at HK next month – Certainly some goose stew will be on my agenda – How do I get their from Sheraton Hotel, Tsim Sha Tsui? – Cheers and all the best from Lexor, San Josรฉ, Cal.

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Hello there Lexor! You can take the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui red line, switch stations to purple line at Mei Foo. Once in Purple line, get off at Yuen Long station and ride a cab to the restaurant.

  2. Elle Avatar

    The say that if your in a foreign land and you have no idea where to eat, look for a restaurant that has a long queue. That means the restaurant serves good food. I haven’t tried a goose stew or any goose dishes but that looks yummy.

  3. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Such a nice business. If ever I would have one, I want to have a food business too. ๐Ÿ™‚ I know it’s hard but if you get the taste of your clients, it would definitely bring back a lot. Anyway, I haven’t tried goose stew but from the line of people, it must be definitely good! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. banananutella Avatar

    I’ll take note of this food shop. When our family will be visiting HK again we’ll try this and the other specialties of New Shun Hing Chiushan Salty Food Shop. Thank you for this yummy post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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