PhotoDiary: Xiamen Trip 2014 (Part 3) – My Chinese Shopping Experience

My family and I did a little shopping here and there throughout the week we were in Xiamen. Sadly, European and American cosmetics weren’t really cheaper in China. And there is no way I will be hoarding Chinese cosmetics. >.<

Anyway, here’s my shopping report for China.

Zhongshan Road (ZhongShanLu) is the most famous shopping strip in Xiamen. Most tourist come down here to check out bargains and stuff. My sister told me that Zhongshan Road is one of the best shopping places, especially if it’s sale season. In here you can find almost all of the global brands plus a mix of local brands all in the same street.

My night shopping in Xiamen is one of the best. I was able to buy CNY10.00 (about Php75.00 converted) sweaters and CNY15.00-20.00 (about Php150.00 converted) pants. There were a lot of things to buy for the ladies. Unbranded clothes and fashion stockings are very cheap.

Walmart is also one of the happiest places for me in Xiamen. My family and I basically hoarded a lot of pasalubongs from Walmart.

One of the things that my sisters and exaggeratedly hoarded was the Chinese Lays. They had awesome flavours that are not available in Manila. We even had to buy a separate baggage for all the Lays we bought.

Of course, I hoarded a lot of Whiskas for Pepper and Yoona–that’s about 2kg baggage weight allocation dedicated to them.

Another thing I hoarded was cellphone casings. The jelly type go for only CNY10.00!

Sending postcards is also common in China, so you can buy postcards in bulk.

Of course, we took time to check out Robinson’s and SM in Xiamen.

Like I’ve said in my previous post, we normal went around by bus.

But they also have tricycles lined up outside the mall.

The ‘NO SPITTING’ sign caught my attention.

We did a whole lot more of shopping before we went to the airport on the way back to Manila. We had to buy luggages and extra baggages to fit in all the stuff we bought.

And just like the expert shoppers that we were, we all managed to fit in everything without exceeding the baggage limit! Ha!

I used to be so scared of going to China as images of filth and ‘horror toilet stories’ normally pop in my mind whenever I hear the word China. But, to my surprise, I enjoyed my trip there–thanks to my sister and her boyfriend who took us around. Our trip would never be as fun without them. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading my China Trip Trilogy as much as I enjoyed sharing them. Happy Easter!

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