Pick of the Month: Banila Co Prime Primer Classic

I never knew adding a good primer to your face makeup routine makes all the difference. As a purveyor of no-makeup-makeup look, I have long stayed away from layer too much makeup on my face. But since learning the beauty of using a good foundation, I just hate the way my foundation somehow vanishes at the end of the day

So, if you have combination skin and you want your foundation to last throughout the day without looking patchy, I think it’s time for you to meet my latest secret: Banila Co’s Prime Primer Classic.

Just like most silicone-based primers I have used, this Banila Co Prime Primer feels velvety smooth on my skin upon application. But the real test is if this Banila Co Prime Primer can stand the test of time. I have combination skin so my makeup almost always disappears by 4pm. My blush and foundation may tend to look patchy by sun down. I could normally get away with it since I’m most likely on the way home by that time. But on days when I’d have to have my makeup stretch up a bit, let’s say for an event of important meeting, this Banila Co Prime Primer really does the trick.

Since I’m acidic and my foundation tends to go a bit darker after 5-6 hours, having a tinted makeup base might cause the color of my face to darken more. This is why I prefer translucent primers over tinted ones as I like the thought of it not ever altering the color of my foundation.

But, what I like most about Banila Co’s Prime Primer is that it sort of doubles as a blur cream. It instantly smooths out fine lines, wrinkles and large pores. I’d just need a pea-sized amount on my finger and spread it all over my T-zone–et voila–you can really see the difference: an instantly mattified and finer skin where the Prime Primer is on!

A little goes a long way. Since I have combination skin, I tend to put on the product on my T-zone first and add a bit more if I feel my cheeks would need more of the product, depending on how my skin feels for that day. With the Prime Primer on, it keeps my makeup in place for the rest day. So, yay for that!

However, I would like to note that what I’m reviewing is the Classic variant. While this will make your skin look soft and matte upon application, it’s not meant to keep your skin looking oil-free for the rest of the day. If you are looking for something to control the oil on your face by sundown, I’d suggest for you to try Banila Co’s Prime Primer Classic Matte.

Banila Co Prime Primer retails for Php1,060.00 and is also available online through BeautyMNL. For further information, please visit http://global.banilaco.com and follow its Instagram at @banilacoph and Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/BanilaCoPhilippines.

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2 responses to “Pick of the Month: Banila Co Prime Primer Classic”

  1. banananutella Avatar

    I think the Prime Primer Classic Matte will work for me since I have a combination skin and I really want to avoid having that shiny face especially on important events. Thank you for this review because it really helps me choose the products that are suited for me. 🙂

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    The classic primer is already interesting and impressive. What more the matte version. So excited to try this one. I’m hoping this would be the perfect primer for me. 🙂

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