Pick of the Month: ProYoung Liquid Foundation

Wearing a full-on make up during summer is literally like HELL in an intensely warm and humid weather. So the next best thing is to actually find a lightweight foundation that won’t slide away easily with sweat and oil.

I’m not really adventurous with base makeup since  I tend to stick to products that I have tried and tested. But something about this ProYoung Liquid Foundation that piqued my interest and made me try it–which I’m glad I did since I may have found the best foundation to wear during summer.

The ProYoung Liquid Foundation has a mousse-type texture that’s lightweight, which makes it perfect for summer. This one’s perfect for oily to combination skin since the product sits on the skin quite matte.

Checking the label, you can see Dimethicone as one of its top ingredients. Dimethicone makes this a silicon-based foundation, which is the main reason why ProYoung Liquid Foundation lasts even through the most humid of climates. The silicon acts as a film between your skin and humidity, stopping the foundation from separating on your face, seeping into pores or simply melting away.

This long-wearing mousse foundation is probably the best option for your daily makeup routine during summer. I also notice that my eyeliner lasts longer without smudging anywhere when I wear this foundation.

One pump is enough to cover my entire face. But then again, I’m not into full coverage look. ProYoung Liquid Foundation is buildable so you can just add another layer if you want more coverage. 

One downside, though, is that the product may sit on your skin’s fine lines like through your laugh lines as it did mine. Having said that, you may want to put a plumping primer to those areas before putting on this foundation.

I am not sure, however, if this has other shades. I hope they do since the formulation is fantastic. Also, it would be great if they can indicate the SPF level of their foundation, just for consumer knowledge.

ProYoung is a local brand, but their products are made in Malaysia. To know more, visit their website at http://proyoung.ph/. You may also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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