Product Review: Avon Skin Goodness CC Cream SPF50/PA+++

I have been trying to incorporate BB Creams and tinted moisturizers in my daily makeup and since I haven’t really tried any Avon face product, like ever, this somehow gets me a tad bit excited.

Avon, as we all know, is the #1 direct selling company. So if you would want to get hold of their product, better find an Avon lady–which is not really hard to find as they are over 6.2 million Active Representatives globally.

Going back to Avon Skin Goodness CC Cream, I love that this product feels light, blends easily, and it doesn’t settle in the fine lines of the skin. It has broad spectrum SPF50 so you can skip your normal sunblock and go straight to one product (I love products that let me skip layering). This Avon CC Cream actually smells pleasant, too. Plus, the product dries fast so you don’t have to wait long before you can apply your eye makeup or blush on.

Here are the swatches:

Look at how it blends easily on my skin.

Although both Nude and Light shade seem to blend well in my skintone, I prefer using Nude. Depending of the angle, you can actually see that Light is a little too light for my skin and Nude blends in better.

Lucky for you, Avon is having an amazing sale this month. This CC Cream is available at Php199.00 (regular price Php399.00). Visit for more info.

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8 responses to “Product Review: Avon Skin Goodness CC Cream SPF50/PA+++”

  1. doseofrain Avatar

    i got the cream nude ms jirbie! thank you for sending it! im gonna use it by the weekend =) i do agree that it was very light on the skin.. i havent opened the lippie yet!

  2. abegaillvillacruz Avatar

    Such a steal nga! I remember nga that it was priced at 399 when I first saw it in a brochure. Would definitely get this one now. 🙂 I always want to try out new Avon cosmetics as I find them good. 🙂 I wanted to try their new palettes as well. And their lipsticks are one of my favorites! I haven’t tried any bb or cc creams from them though

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      Lipsticks, lipliners and eyeliners are on B1T1 sale now!

  3. justdoitmarian Avatar

    I’m glad you like your first Avon face product! My lola used to be reseller of Avon and I remember her sending me tons of their product during Christmas time 😀 compact powder palang uso that time. Hehe. I still didn’t know the difference ng BB cream at CC Cream. Hindi ba heavy sa face dahil SPF 50 siya? Natry ko palang SPF30. 🙂

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      This one’s very light on the skin. And I love the fact that it has high spf 🙂 Protects you more from the sun

  4. justdoitmarian Avatar

    Heavy BB Cream really clogged my pores lalo na kapag commute ako all day. Would love to try this! Swak pa sa allowance dahil B1T1. Thank you so much for this! 😀

    1. CouchWasabi Avatar

      This one’s not on B1T1 though. Reduced price lang 🙂

  5. Vonspieceofadvice Avatar

    Hi..i am planning to get this cc just not sure what shade to get..i have a warm skintone typicall morena skin..
    Which has a yellow undertone..the light or nude shade? Please help..thank you

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