Product Review: Gorgeous Cosmetics BB Cream

I prefer using BB Creams versus the regular foundation since I don’t really like the idea of putting on too much on my face. Most of the time I just put on my daily sunblock and that’s it. However, in days when I feel I would want to be “more made up,” I would rather choose products that are lightweight just so I know that my skin can still breathe.

I guess that’s the difference between Asian BB Creams and Western BB Creams. I feel that the Western version is more lightweight and sheet–qualities that make me love them more than their Asian counterpart.

This lightweight BB formula is similar to a tinted moisturiser, but more hardworking, as it also soothes, protects and nourishes the skin. It provides a hint of colour and radiance, to even out the skin tone without feeling heavy or noticeable. It’s quick and simple for anyone to use. The three self-adjusting shades can be worn alone for a glowing, sheer finish, or set with Powder Perfect for a more polished look. 30ml.

Trying out the BB Cream from my favorite Aussie brand is just pure love. The formulation is sheer and dewy–perfect for my taste. I noticed that a pea-sized amount is enough to give your face a healthy dewy sheen. However, if you have blemishes that you wish to hide, this product may not be right for you.

See how it blends in my skin and instantly gives that dewy glow?

This Gorgeous Cosmetics BB Cream (Php1,750.00) is available in 3 shades Light, Medium, and Dark. For more information and updates, follow Gorgeous Cosmetics Philippines through Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Or visit their website at

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3 responses to “Product Review: Gorgeous Cosmetics BB Cream”

  1. Abegaill Villacruz Avatar
    Abegaill Villacruz

    Same with you, I rarely want to put a lot of foundation on my face. Most of the time, I only put a single light layer of foundation or bb cream and that’s it. I also go bare at times. I always commute kasi so it’s really hard for me to retain the foundation when I’m outside. And it feels heavy talaga. The only product I have from Gorgeous Cosmetics is their lipstick and I super love its formulation. 🙂 Would try their bb cream naman next time. I love sheer bb creams too. 🙂

  2. doseofrain Avatar

    i prefer using powder foundation =) i first heard this brand from rattus

  3. marianaprils Avatar

    Thanks for this, medyo heavy nga yung asian bb cream dahil sa high SPF.

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